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Shades of grey

February 13, 2017


Jacket Reiss T-shirt Norse Projects Trousers ASOS Trainers Common Projects Watch Timex

Photography by Matthew Pike

Probably taking inspiration from a rather drab start to the year in terms of weather, my fall guy when it comes to dressing is grey. It’s an easy option, just like black and navy, where you don’t necessarily have to think. But if you do, they can be more than just safe options.

Take the above for example. I’ve picked out varying shades of grey along with wearing some different textures and this subtly goes a long way in achieving a well thought out look. I style myself a little left of centre, sticking to most of the sartorial rules (if there are such a thing), but then offering my two cents on it. A slightly higher trouser to reveal my socks and a Reiss half zip-up allows me to show off some pattern underneath and bring in some depth to my outfit.

Spending the afternoon in Nottingham at Nottingham Contemporary, it was warm enough not to wear a coat. If this rare feat didn’t happen, I’d of probably been wearing a grey overcoat, or even a denim jacket.

I’m wanting to connect with more creatives in Leicester. Content creators, freelancers, photographers and bloggers… let’s meet up.

The trip was a well-timed break from working on the website redesign and some much needed headspace from what’s turned out to be a very busy couple of months. Also, it was a chance to meet up with some very creative guys in the city. It was cool to see so much happening in Nottingham and I’m interested to find people in Leicester. It would be great to connect to more people in Leicester doing creative things. Consider this an open invitation to those wanting to grab a coffee together.


Finding my style

January 28, 2017


Jacket Albam Jumper Albam Trousers Whistles Trainers Common Projects Watch Mondaine

It’s a difficult thing understanding your personal style. I find myself reusing words like simple, tailored and casual when trying to explain mine. The crux to doing it is by trying new things, being brave and finding what you feel comfortable in.

Don’t get me wrong, finding it has taken a while and has seen me make my fair number of mistakes – ones that are better left unsaid. In your early days you try things out, something you don’t normally wear. That’s how you learn. If you find yourself feeling good when wearing it, then you help find a little bit more about your personal style. If you don’t, well it’s a lesson learnt through regular impulse buys. But what’s comforting is that everyone, and I mean everyone, goes through this.

Seeing people own their personal style pushes me to test and refine my further.

Overtime I’ve learnt what works for me and what I can leave for others to appreciate. I know that the colours I tend to stick to are shades of grey, blues and blacks and I’m happy with that. I also know that my go to outfit is a plain t-shirt, trousers and trainers. Though this may sound quite basic, I’ve found myself appreciating the finer details in an outfit, whether it’s a quality cotton, an interesting silhouette or its little touches. Just something that makes a grey sweatshirt more premium and a long sleeve that is not going to bobble and misshape.

I’m always learning different things about my style and appreciating new ways of wearing things and that’s down to the people I surround myself with. Seeing people own their personal style pushes me to test and refine my further.

Photography by Matthew Pike


Navy tailoring with New Look

December 12, 2016


Photography by Matthew Pike

It’s rare you’ll find myself not wearing trousers and trainers. However, as we’re now in December there are occasions where I have to change this routine. Working with New Look, I’m looking to create a tailored look that I can turn to if I decide that my daily outfit isn’t up to scratch.

As we steamroll towards Christmas there are plenty of chances to try something different. If you’re already used to wearing a suit then you’re on pretty good ground when it comes to Christmas parties. However, I’m not first to tell people what blazer to wear or lapel size.

To start with, you should consider what is going to best suit you. If you’re looking to buy an off the rail suit, deciding if you need a regular, slim or skinny suit will go a long way. Then if it still isn’t exactly how you like it, getting it tailored will take a good step in making it appear that it’s off the Row. For me I go for a slim suit, but there’s nothing wrong with playing with shape. And as you can tell, I wasn’t going to pick a suit without being able to wear it in the day. When a day in Manchester was on the cards, it was a chance to see how the suit would work in the day.

With your shape sorted you wanted to move onto colour. Generally this will be: black, navy and grey. Though you can be bold with a pattern like houndstooth or check. Navy is my new black of late, wearing at least one navy piece where I can. A slim fit navy suit has plenty of flexibility in terms of dressing it up or down.

If I can get away with not wearing a shirt with my suit, I will. Stripe, basic or rollneck are all good options. And if you don’t have to wear a suit at work, there’s a chance you won’t be looking to wear a smart shoe like a derby or monkstrap. A classic pair of trainers will look great with a suit, but this will make your overall look more casual so it’s definitely something to consider.

Yes with Christmas coming around the corner, New Look will be creating an ‘advent calendar’ celebrating different styles each day. Today (14th December) you’ll find myself on the website so definitely go over and see the feature.

If you’ve got any tailoring questions, or even tips, let me know! This post is in partnership with New Look Men, yet my suit selection and style tips are all my own.