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Growing Up

March 18, 2016

When The White Star Tavern got in touch to see if I would like to visit their restaurant in Southampton I initially said no. I feel I don’t really know enough to talk about food that well and there is plenty of cool food blogs out there, The Bearded Bakery being one of them. But then I had a change of heart because I wanted to talk about something that I think a lot of students can relate to food wise.

There comes a time, whether that be in your first year of university, or like me in your last, when nights out stop being fun. It’s something about them that just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. What I enjoy now instead is good food and a couple of drinks that become a welcome break from student cooking. Hopefully that doesn’t make me sound extremely old.

The White Star Tavern is exactly the kind of place where I have that balance of being able to go out with a group friends for a few drinks, or a nice meal with Emily. I’m able to have a really enjoyable time and in a really nice space, without even worrying over the fact that I’ll have a hangover the next day. On this occasion we were able to have a drink each and a couple courses – the duck breast is a winner! – and forget about the fact I have a dissertation to finish.

And I think I’m not the only one who has got over it. I speak to some friends at university and so many people are almost in shock that someone else feels the same. Too much can upset a night out and instead I avoid all that. I think I’m growing up far quicker than I thought I would and with it being close to the end of my degree, it’s all very timely. If anyone else feels like this let me know so I don’t feel too old in the last few months of my student years.



7Bone Burger Co.

November 9, 2015

I don’t think there’s ever a time where I’ve turned down a burger. As a kid, it’d be my go to choice on the menu. Now I realise that there’s a little more to just a bun and some beef when it comes to burgers and if I didn’t know that now, I would after a visit to 7Bone Burger Co.

With their joint located in Bournemouth, it’s on my doorstep when I’m at university and cures my hankering for a good burger. Inside, it’s a pretty simple setup with wooden tables and benches, with a neon sign giving it that American feel.

When it comes to ordering I’m quite indecisive, so having a fairly simple menu where there are just enough options, and each one offers something different, is my kinda thing. I went for the Robert Johnston, which is: aged beef patty, cheese, truffled garlic mushrooms and truffle mayo. Then I got standard seasoned fries (I wanted to go for the dirty fries, but the person I ate out with is a fussy one) and a banoffee milkshake. Word of warning, unless your appetite is huge, you won’t be able to finish a burger, portion of fries and a shake. It’s so filling and you’re definitely better off sharing fries and ordering a shake to go.

Safe to say the food was ace. It was only until after ordering that only the brave have a milkshake and a burger, as the drink is like a meal itself. It was super tasty and it was really nicely cooked, still pink, however this is just personal preference I guess. The guys in 7Bone will look after you and always try to get you a seat, so when you’re next in Bournemouth and fancy a burger, 7Bone is the go-to place.


Bill’s Restaurant Review

September 7, 2015

When I’m back for the summer one of my favourite things to do is eat out, and with the recent restaurant additions in and around Leicester, there’s plenty of choice. One that I was keen to try was the much talked about Bill’s. Many of my friends from Bournemouth have said good things, so I really wanted to try it for myself.

Taking my parents along for the evening as well, we went to Bills just after 8pm on the Saturday. I guess it was a pretty good sign that the restaurant was extremely busy. What I liked before sitting down was the look of the place. A contrast of minimalism and homely décor with wooden tables, open vents and rustic fences separating the tables. So the look of the restaurant was a hit for me, even though everything looked very orange from the dim lighting as you can probably tell from the photos.

Something quite unique to Bill’s is their food and homeware shop. You get given this brown paper bag and tick off what you’d like to take home with you. There’s a few nice little bits to pick from, especially if you’ve got a sweet tooth.

For starters we had on the table, fried squid, halloumi and quinoa salad and crab cakes. All of our starts were all great and suitably sized. Something I find with starters in some places is that they over quantify starters and fill you before mains. Bill’s got this spot on.

Then for mains I was swayed by our waitress to try their limited two week special burger which consisted of a standard patty with pulled beef, mustard mayonnaise, tomato, onion rings and sweet potato fries which could be served medium. Now I’m not saying the burger wasn’t good, but it wasn’t particularly ‘special’ (sorry guys) and because of how busy the restaurant it arrived a little cold, something they apologised for thoroughly. Both my mum and dad went for steaks, the rib eye and the rump with a peppercorn sauce and garlic butter. I was slightly jealous of my dad’s rump steak as it had a really good charcoal taste to it (yes I did pinch a little bit).

After spying on the desert menu when we came in, we didn’t skip it! I went for the treacle tart, my favourite of the three courses, a lemon meringue cheesecake in a glass and a strawberry eton mess, which looked very messy, but tasted great according to the old man.

What I like about reviews is that it’s always great to chat to the people that run the restaurant and I’ll be honest to them how the meal is. What made Bill’s for me, beside the food, was the staff, both the waitress and the manager were very welcoming and made the eating out experience a pleasant and unrushed one.

This meal was provided for reviewing purposes by Bill’s restaurant but my views on the food and restaurant remain perfectly honest as always.