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Beach Days Are Over

June 11, 2016

It’s pretty scary how quickly the three years have gone, but it’s now time to say goodbye to university and daily beach trips. I’ve been used to packing and unpacking during the holidays and now it’s time to pack up one the last time. So long Bournemouth!

I’ve taken for granted living in Bournemouth. Being able to be at the beach soon after sending a “fancy going to the beach?” text is truly one of the best things ever. My final year has seen me frequent to the beach more times than the previous two put together as I think something clicked that made me realise where I was living. It’s the perfect place to go chill out and switch off. I’ll read a magazine, listen to music and resist the temptation to nap.

Living down south and being by the beach has found wearing sunglasses become the norm. Even if it isn’t sunny, the general consensus is that you’re okay to wear shades when you’re in close proximity to the beach. I’ve got a few pairs to my name, but my latest ones are from Hook LDN. You may have found myself late last year posting about Hook LDN quite a bit and I guess that goes to prove how much I wear sunglasses these days. This particular pair is perfect for my kind of face shape and I’ll just put them in my bag before I head out the door. For some reason I don’t think walking around my little town in Leicestershire in shades on an overcast day will have the same acceptance.

I don’t know what I’ll miss more when I head back home, the beach (aka wearing sunglasses every day), my flat or the university lifestyle. I’m sure many people my age are feeling the same right now, but it’s time to grow up and realise that I can’t stay young and unemployed forever.


My study playlist

April 22, 2016

It’s around this time where most students lock themselves in their room (for revision, not Netflix) and work towards their final exams and dissertation. Admittedly, I’m working away at the last part of my dissertation now, and me being me, getting quite stressed about it all. Roll on hand in date! But being at my desk for a large part of the day means I need a good playlist to pull me through the other end.

My music taste when I’m studying has to be something that can sit in the background and not distract me. I normally stick to the Ben Howards and the Jack Garretts, with a little bit of house thrown in – see Majestic Casual for what I mean. You need something that’s enough to keep you going and keep you interested, yet not vying for attention that it doesn’t allow you to get further than the title.

I know some people can’t work with music, but for me I think it extends how long I can stay focused on a piece of writing without digressing on Instagram and Twitter… and then back to Instagram. I’ve just had a playlist on in the background whilst writing this and I’ve managed to write it from beginning to end without having to stop. This might just be me as well, but having it play through a speaker rather than a laptop helps me concentrate more, I think it’s the fact it’s away from my immediate workspace. I’m using the Ministry of Sound M Plus speaker to get me through the six-hour dissertation days (well I try to do six hours) and it’s working well so far in keeping my concentration levels up. It’s perfect for my desk and if I fancy taking my work outside I’m covered.

I’ve put together a study playlist alongside ASOS if you are in need of some more study/work tracks. Give it a listen and let me know if it helps you stay on task.


Lenovo Yoga 500 Review

November 16, 2015

If you visited the blog the other week (thank you if so), you may of read that I’m now part of what Curry’s PC World are calling the ‘Curry’s Collective’. Now we’re not some super team as the name might suggest, but a collective that help Curry’s by suggesting what tech works well for students. We all received different laptops to test out, and I was sent the Lenovo Yoga 500 to put through its paces.

I won’t hide the fact that I’m a MacBook user; so I approach this review being a Mac to Windows convert. First thing that seemed to take an age was the initial setup, but maybe that’s just my lack of patience. Now everything is all sorted, the laptop’s load time for programmes is quite quick and responsive.

The big selling point for this Lenovo device is the fact you can have it in three different positions: as a laptop, a screen with a stand, or a tablet. The laptop works as you’d expect and the option of using the touchscreen whilst in laptop mode is quite handy. And without going through the spec of the Lenovo with a fine toothcomb and comparing it to other laptops the Lenovo does the job. It’s small and compact with enough functions to make it an easy laptop to take into university. And as a side note, MacBook users will be familiar with the two-finger scroll when on a browser.

Every laptop, however, should be able to do the basics, so what I’m focusing on is its ability to be a tablet. When using it, the buttons and gestures are quite natural. So swiping left and right, browsing and zooming all work well. Using the on-screen keyboard is easy to call-up and dismiss and I manage to type up everything I need without getting frustrated by accidentally pressing the wrong letters.

Unlike most tablet laptops, where the screen can become detached from the keyboard, the Lenovo Yoga 500 folds over itself, with the keyboard acting as the back. Now although this means you won’t be misplacing the keyboard or screen, it does mean that the tablet is quite heavy. It seems to me, a little too bulky and doesn’t outweigh the practical uses of having a super sized tablet.

The tablet for me is used best when at home and when I’m kicking back in bed. Putting it into the stand position and watching catch-up TV and Netflix after a day of lectures is effortless. Other than that I’ve been hooked on Crossy Road, which on the big screen looks great. Be warned though, it’s addictive and a massive battery drainer.

The Lenovo Yoga 500 is a laptop that on paper sounds great with three different functions. However, I’d say only two of them really do it for me. I think the tablet mode, when forgetting it’s a laptop as well, isn’t practical or light enough. But if you use it as a screen with a stand in the house and use the Lenovo as a laptop in lectures, you might be onto a winner, especially considering it’s size and price-point.