August 3, 2017


Photo by Matthew Pike

The feeling of being comfortable and content is something that worries me. Staying still for too long in anything I do plays on my mind. It’s important to appreciate where you are in life, but when thoughts of ‘what’s next?’ creep in, you should really set aside time to consider this question and push change.

I’ve been toying with this for some time and that’s why the blog is soon to change. I’m happy with how things have gone, extremely happy in fact. But I believe if I keep the same website for much longer I’ll slump into not pushing myself to produce more than is to be expected.

We’re over halfway through the year and I’m seeing progression in my own work and others. I’m continuing to meet new people, learn more and think differently. Just last weekend I was in Manchester as Visit Manchester invited a group of creatives to celebrate all things Manc. I had the pleasure of catching up with Mat, meeting the effortlessly cool Brittany for the first time, as well as some very talented photographers like Alixe.

After being surrounded by people for a couple days that are all creating something for themselves and pushing their own standards, I’ve refocused to concentrate on what I set myself to do at the very start of the year.

I wanted to redesign the new website (tick) and I wanted to think content first. I’ve managed to do that after having plenty of conversations with people on the importance of not letting numbers intervene.

Then as a small travel goal at the start of year I had my sights set on New York. Though I’m going to be travelling solo, I have booked tickets to fly over in September!

A couple targets that are still on going are: to read more and to take more photos. I’ve probably not read as much as I’d like that had not been a blog post or online article, but we’ll get there and as for photos, I’m taking a lot more!

Here’s to the next part of the year where the hope is, by the end of it, things will be progressing and looking very differently on here.

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  • Reply Adetunji Otemade August 7, 2017 at 8:30 pm

    Love the sleekness and the layout of you blog. Best of luck with all your plans for your website.

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