Moochin’ in Brighton

June 28, 2017


Well what is better than a good mooch? Especially when it’s not in your own town and somewhere relatively new. Last weekend I was down in Brighton visiting friends to get my beach fix and supposedly good weather. I left my laptop at home and with it, all responsibilities. If my inbox could talk, it was screaming at me by Monday. I wanted a weekend to chill out and just hang out with some friends as my head is currently juggling the launch of a new website and possible projects for the months ahead.

On my last day before heading back, we headed into Brighton where the first stop had to be Silo. I think we all needed that coffee fix – me especially. From there we just wandered and headed into some favourites. It’s good to kind of spend a few hours where you’re not following a list of places you must go-to and just – as the blog title suggests – mooch.

For someone whose keeping one eye on where to move as I get older, Brighton has definitely made the shortlist.

Of course, there were a couple stores that drew us in. We went into Workshop Living for homeware goods and found some amazing Soh candles, Magazine Brighton for print reads where I left with the new issue of Lagom and Batch Coffee for that mid-afternoon energy hit. The last stop was Beyond Retro for a little bit of photobooth action at my consistent request! So worth it might I add.

It was only my second time in Brighton and I’m beginning to get the appeal. Close to the seaside, right next to the countryside and amazing independent stores and cafes opening up daily. You really get the feeling that people champion small businesses here. For someone whose keeping one eye on where to move as I get older, Brighton has definitely made the shortlist.

Thank you Aaron, Benji, Sean and Poppy for being ace tour guides!


Desk Essentials

June 19, 2017


The desk is where I spend most of my time. How much of that time I spend productively is questionable, but nonetheless I’m at it by 9am most mornings. And I’ll only feel ready to open up my laptop when I have a clean desk. Things come and go in order to keep things fresh, but for the most part, I keep it the same.

My desk was a DIY job courtesy of Bunker snr (Happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there yesterday) and we just painted it white. At the minute I can’t justify a lot of money on a desk. When I do, I’ll be shooting Dan Marc a message – but alas, a dream for a future workspace.

So starting with what triggers most content ideas is my reading material. On the right of my desk is a print read or two for when I lack inspiration – currently it’s TMRW magazine and MR PORTER post. When I’m struggling for a turn of phrase, I find having a couple magazines nearby handy. On the other side, I keep my Moleskine notebook for jotting down ideas that come and go before I have a chance to write it down and my Bellroy passport holder that I take with me everywhere.

To be productive, it’s important to enjoy being in your workspace.

Next is stationery. Currently I have it down to a few items that are contained in my HAY ‘Uu’ organiser. Keeping it HAY themed I also have one of their laptop brushes. Some might call this unneeded, but there’s something about starting the day with a clean keyboard that sits well with me.

I think I’ve shared this with you before that to be productive, it’s important to enjoy being in your workspace. So having a candle burning while I’m working helps with this. At the minute I’m using a new candle from Hudson & Co. It’s one of those that still smells ace even when it’s not burning.

The last few bits that complete the make up of my desk are: a watch, my iPhone that probably hinders my workflow more than helps, and then some hand cream. I’m really interested to learn how everyone else stays organised to prevent wishing for extra hours in the day.


Suit Style

June 14, 2017

River Island Jordan_Bunker_river_island_1

Hat Brixton Suit Jacket River Island T-shirt River Island Trousers River Island Trainers River Island

Well yet again I’m starting a post talking about how much I enjoy travelling within England and how Leicester is the ideal launch pad to do so. This time round I headed to Liverpool.

The city is somewhere I’ve been a couple times now. Liverpool has so much history and heritage, but something that resonates more with me, is its modern design. For my shoot with River Island – where I wanted to express a modern style and how casually you can wear a suit – I felt Liverpool was the perfect architecture equivalent.

Sharp lines and clean facades around the Docks, not forgetting the inclusion of the sun, casted shadows were around to experiment with. Following recent trends in my photography (scroll through my Instagram and you’ll see what I mean), I couldn’t of asked for a better backdrop.

River Island has introduced a whole new line of suiting this summer. New fabrics and fits while keeping quality in mind.

Menswear is changing. Style is becoming more casual, less prescriptive and men are being given free reign. This includes being able to wear a suit as casually (or smart) as you like. I went for the former to share how I enjoy wearing suits in the day. The River Island suit I was wearing was even given praise by a Scouse gentleman as we were shooting near 92 Degrees on the corner of Hope and Hardman Street. That’s enough for me!

River Island have revamped their suiting options. It’s offering versatility in how a suit can be worn. My outfit consisted of a navy textured blazer and trousers combination, a grey ribbed t-shirt and then white trainers – something everyone seems to be wearing recently.

A boxy fit on the shoulders and a baggier trouser made this look quite distant from evening and occasion wear. I think features like the woven fabric, wider trouser leg and broader shoulder help this, but tweaking the latter two would change the look entirely.

This is of course just one way of wearing a suit, my way of wearing a suit. I take comfort in the fact that this blog is a place to document my style and not to dictate others. If you’re able to take inspiration, I’m of course even happier. Let us know what your thoughts are when it comes to tailoring.

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post is sponsored by River Island. However, my views on casual tailoring and my new found love for Liverpool is my own.