Review: Alford & Hoff

October 6, 2014

When you are looking for a new fragrance to wear and then get contacted by SAS and Company to review their new scent, it’s rather opportune timing. I normally stock up during Christmas and my birthday, but it’s nice to have something new to wear during autumn/winter.

Formed in 2009 by Barry Alford and Jefferson Hoffman, the lifestyle brand aims themselves at the “New Generation of Men”- I guess I’m part of this then. This particular eau du toilette contains a total of 95 ingredients, with most fragrances only containing around 30-40. I’m no expert, but you can tell from its smell that all the ingredients blend well together and due to the number of elements, Alford & Hoff have created a scent that lasts for a large part of the day, around 6-8 hours, as well as developing the longer you wear it.

When sprayed there are fresh citrus elements and then turns into quite a rich and sweet smell due to the inclusion of both rum and vanilla, which I love and remains quite warm on the skin. I would not say it is a refreshing aftershave, but more of a luxury one.

The box itself includes a two-button mechanism to open and lock, making it handy when travelling as it keeps the fragrance secure. It is decorated with simple illustration, using its logo several times, and then the bottle itself has a smooth wooden lid and simple cylinder bottle.

To familiarise myself with Alford & Hoff I’ve been wearing it for a week, and then reapplying in the evenings if I’m going out. Although I find it very easy to wear, due to its price point, it is something I will wear sparingly for nights out.

Alford & Hoff is exclusively available from Harrods for £95 (100ml) here.



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