Shades of grey

February 13, 2017


Jacket Reiss T-shirt Norse Projects Trousers ASOS Trainers Common Projects Watch Timex

Photography by Matthew Pike

Probably taking inspiration from a rather drab start to the year in terms of weather, my fall guy when it comes to dressing is grey. It’s an easy option, just like black and navy, where you don’t necessarily have to think. But if you do, they can be more than just safe options.

Take the above for example. I’ve picked out varying shades of grey along with wearing some different textures and this subtly goes a long way in achieving a well thought out look. I style myself a little left of centre, sticking to most of the sartorial rules (if there are such a thing), but then offering my two cents on it. A slightly higher trouser to reveal my socks and a Reiss half zip-up allows me to show off some pattern underneath and bring in some depth to my outfit.

Spending the afternoon in Nottingham at Nottingham Contemporary, it was warm enough not to wear a coat. If this rare feat didn’t happen, I’d of probably been wearing a grey overcoat, or even a denim jacket.

I’m wanting to connect with more creatives in Leicester. Content creators, freelancers, photographers and bloggers… let’s meet up.

The trip was a well-timed break from working on the website redesign and some much needed headspace from what’s turned out to be a very busy couple of months. Also, it was a chance to meet up with some very creative guys in the city. It was cool to see so much happening in Nottingham and I’m interested to find people in Leicester. It would be great to connect to more people in Leicester doing creative things. Consider this an open invitation to those wanting to grab a coffee together.



  • Reply Aleeha February 15, 2017 at 10:32 pm

    I love that watch, the blue strip makes it a little more unique!

    • Reply Jordan Bunker March 12, 2017 at 8:06 pm

      Thank you Aleeha, it’s one of my most worn watches. A fabric strap can sometimes change a watch completely.

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