Twenty-two is old

January 15, 2017

Coat Monobi Jacket Levi’s Roll neck Whistles Trousers Topman Shoes Dr. Martens Pocket Square Rampley & Co

At eighteen you get a big sense of excitement about university and independence. At twenty-one you’re in your final year and graduating, having enjoyed three years finding out what it is you want to do in life. But at twenty-two… people expect you to have your sh*t together.

I’m out of university, freelancing for myself and it’ll be the first full year of not being in education. It’s very easy for someone who is young and working for themselves to not take everything seriously as you get to let yourself off the hook. Everything I’ve done before has come with the safety blanket of education and everything was a side hustle to learning. Now I want to take that side hustle and make it a full-time thing. Only a few months into freelance life I have to constantly be on emails sending off pitches and spending more money on trains than I do my social life. It’s good to take it seriously and put real work in, as the reward of working for yourself is fantastic.

So what’s the plan for this year? Simple. Work hard.

Looking ahead it would be great to make some real avenues within freelancing as I know it’s a slow burner. This is what I want this year to be. A year of progressing, making more contacts and effectively learning the ins and outs of what I want to be in, because if I don’t, what’s the point of it all? I’ll slowly learn when to put away the laptop and take some time out, but right now I’ll choose the extra coffee and say yes to everything (within reason).

Things are starting to come good and I’m now not only travelling to London for work, but overseas as well. I’ve been in Florence this week for Pitti and it’s been great to see people push their personal style and meet a whole new bunch of people. I was out working with Monobi, an Italian outerwear brand that focus on using only the best materials. Designed and made in-house just down the road from Florence, the coats and jackets are the real deal.

Thank you 22nd birthday for making me work even harder.


Hello 2017

January 1, 2017


Photography by Matthew Pike

Happy New Year guys! It’s the start of another year and that means, for a few days or so, everyone feels super motivated to make 2017 their year (myself included) and I’m all for it. Though most may find their resolutions over before they’ve even begun, the New Year is a good time to evaluate where you are in life and where you want to be.

For me, the last few months of 2016 were a chance to see if freelancing was for me. Working for myself and having complete freedom. I’m in quite a happy position to start off the new year where I’ve learnt that freelancing can be extremely rewarding, but brings plenty of challenges as well.

Now, I really want to kick on with the blog and freelancing. To help, I’m sharing my five goals on here so I try my upmost to honour them. They are a mixture of blog goals and personal ones that will hopefully make 2017 a good’un!

Drumroll… I’m redesigning my blog!

This is the big one! You’ll find inspiration clippings everywhere on my laptop and now I’m ready. I’ve found a designer that I’m excited to work with, who also happens to own my favourite café in Dorset. It’s been on my mind for the whole of last year and I’m going to be writing up a post soon asking for your thoughts on the blog and what you’d like to see happen.

Focus on content

It’s far too easy to get trapped into overthinking social media at the minute. I say to people “I want to get to 10k on Instagram and then I’ll be satisfied,” but does it matter when it happens? I’m proud of the photos I take, although I know there’s room for improvement! If I keep it up I’m sure I’ll pass 10,000 followers this year. But following positive chats with the blogging community and friends, quality content comes first and followers second.

New York I’m coming for you

So one of the places that’s eluded me for too long is New York. It’s somewhere that is right up there on my list, but because I know I’ll visit there one day, there’s been no urgency to visit. Well, I want to make it this year! I see more and more of my friends making the trip over and with my girlfriend being NYC’s number one fan, I want to visit New York with Emily so I can experience it all for myself. Tourist hat is most definitely on.

Snap away just for myself

I don’t spend enough time taking photos for myself. Ones that don’t need to be symmetrical or completely in focus. I just want more photos on my camera roll where I can look back on things in a less perfected way, a raw way.

Laptop off, phone off, book open

I’ve actually started this one already. I enjoy finding new magazines to read and learning something new when I pick it up. I’m no longer skimming an article to get to the next, I’m taking it in and re-reading a line if I didn’t quite get it. I might try and carry this on into fictional books, but I have no idea where to start. Suggestions below please.

These are five simple goals I have set myself for the next twelve months. Hopefully I’ll be able to tick all of them off. I’d definitely encourage others to set goals for the year, it’s a way of staying motivated and stops you feeling lost. Feel free to share yours below, I’d love to hear what your aiming for this year. Happy New Year folks!


Copenhagen scrapbook

December 27, 2016

What better way to wind down for the year than a small trip away with friends. A place that’s been on my mind for sometime, Copenhagen was the destination of choice. It had everything I was looking for. Good food, coffee and independents on every corner and side street. Taking these trips are so important to me. It’s a chance to see Emily again now we no longer live in the same town and also spend time with friends who I shared my university years with.

European city breaks can be done in a long weekend, but with time on our side we stayed for four nights in our AirBnB. Sometimes you need a trip that isn’t lead by cramming as much into one day as you possibly can. We had three places earmarked for the day and took the longer route there to find things we hadn’t considered.

And to be honest, we didn’t have a ‘we must do this’ list. Most of our casual itinerary was made up of recommendations shared with me by the good folks on Twitter. Special mentions go to Liv, Lauren and Kara for their ace city guides. Normally I’m not one for touristy things, but Copenhagen does it well. The Nyhavn, Rundetaarn and Tivoli at night were all worthwhile.

This post isn’t a polished editorial or a-z city guide. Both the latter and the former take time, time away from being relaxed. Constantly thinking if you have enough photographs for the café you ate at in the morning, or if you have two portraits that you think will sit nicely alongside one another. I enjoy creating that content, but when in the company of friends you haven’t seen in a while it’s important to enjoy that over what you create for others. Take your quick photo and then put the camera down once in a while.

In a city I thought I’d love, I found it hard to take my camera out my bag.

I also found myself lacking inspiration while out there. In a city I thought I’d love, I found it hard to take my camera out my bag. I shared this on social while I was in Copenhagen and others offered their two cents and reasoning. For me, it could have been the light. It was still dreary by 11am and dark by 3pm. But if I took my blog-photographer-head off you could still appreciate the city’s beauty.

So wrapped up in my best attempt to stay warm and layer tones the only way Scandi’s know, we walked, drank and ate. A lot. There was Atelier September for its avocado on rye bread, Mother for its amazing pizza and Grillenburger – so good we went twice. If we needed a coffee pitstop we weren’t short of options, but The Coffee Collective and Copenhagen Coffee Lab were our regulars.

Leaving Copenhagen I left definitely feeling half full/half empty. Happy due to the fact I was able to spend time with friends and Emily, but also the urge to go back to try and capture Copenhagen the way I envisaged it before arriving.