Kew Gardens

April 14, 2017


Jacket H&M Shirt Sunspel Trousers AMI Trainers Converse Pocket square Marwood

Spring, is that you? It’s been a long time since we could say it’s actually warm outside (in our heads) while stepping out the house. When this happened a couple weeks ago, Kew Gardens was the destination for Joe and myself.

All the way in zone three, Kew Gardens turns plant fans into plant obsessed and Londoners into green space enthusiasts. Though my enjoyment of layering is a fond one, sitting outside and enjoying a drink or two in a beer garden cannot be passed up and en route to Kew, that’s exactly what we did with no coat or umbrella in sight.

The aim of the shoot was to play around with the light. Inside the Palm House, shadows were appearing and disappearing throughout the afternoon and gave us that natural light that as bloggers and photographers, we crave.

Embracing spring with open arms, I was wearing a short sleeve Sunspel camp collar shirt. This style of shirt – also called Cuban and revere – is what I’ll be wearing all spring and summer. MR PORTER says that tropical prints are going to be trending everywhere and if I wasn’t sticking to a navy palette, I’d be reaching for my floral and palm tree prints. Regardless, subtle or print, a camp collar is a shirt style you should consider investing in.

It’s great to keep an eye on ‘trends’, but your main focus should be on your own personal style. I’m confident enough to say I’ve found mine, but dressing doesn’t have to be monotonous.

I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I don’t like wearing shorts. When the weather allows, I opt for trousers, specifically pleated. These AMI slim trousers are light and airy enough in warmer temperatures and I’ll make it my mission to find more trousers like this. Its no surprise MR PORTER includes them in the key trends for spring. I tried something different by tucking in a Marwood pocket square in my back pocket to break up my navy shades. Not everything has to be used for its normal convention.

Then keeping it classic I turned to Converse to keep me moving while walking around Kew Gardens and a jacket from H&M when late afternoon brought with it cooler weather. I’m enjoying being able to tick off new places. First it was Tate and now Kew. I want to go again because of the amount I didn’t get to see!

Joe talks about styling pink and light jackets over on his blog. He’s the cooler one of this double act we’ve managed to form this year.

This post is created in association with MR PORTER. However, all the views expressed are my own.


Appreciating your city

April 2, 2017

Hummel Jordan_Bunker_hummel_1

Jumper Urban Outfitters Jeans Levi’s Trainers Hummel

Appreciation for my hometown is easily forgotten. When opportunities come in to create content on the blog, this time with Hummel, my initial thoughts are usually ‘where am I going to shoot?’ London, Manchester, Bournemouth… and forgetting the city I live by.

I instantly dismiss Leicester, but with so much time spent on trains recently, a new urge to produce content in the city has arisen. I’ve had many a conversation with Nat about Leicester and the fact there isn’t many places to shoot, but now I’m thinking if it is down to us restricting ourselves to the main part of town and not visiting elsewhere and the outskirts.

This post has allowed me take in more of my nearby surroundings. Going left where I would usually go right, walking that extra five minutes around an area where I’d usually dismiss as ‘there’s nothing down there’ and thinking about things differently.

Determined to leave the jacket at home and make the most of the sun, I was wearing all black to optimise every ray I could. A waffle-knit from Urban Outfitters on top and some slim fitting 510 Levi’s down below did the job. Not forgetting the new Hummel Stadil RMX to keep me on the move. Of late all I seem to be wearing on my feet are trainers and I don’t see this changing as we move into *hopefully* warmer weather.

I’m always sharing my ambitions with you to make content as good as it can be, but that no longer means having to travel far every time to achieve this.

My trainers actually informed the starting point of our day. The Hummel branding and sport detailing made me think of modern spaces and clean lines, something we wanted to seek out to start our shoot. I think it taught us that there’s more to our own city than we thought, as well as pushing us to maximise the spaces we did know of.

With this in mind, one new area we found ourselves in was close to the university and the café Northern Cobbler. This coffee shop is one that I have always chalked off as too far out of town, but it’s been my loss all this time. The light this place gets in the late afternoons made it the perfect spot for one last coffee before finishing up and heading back home.

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post was created in partnership with Hummel, however all views about my city and Hummel are my own.


Investing in your style

March 22, 2017

Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_1 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_2 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_3 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_4 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_5 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_6 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_7 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_8 MR PORTER
Jordan_Bunker_mr_porter_9 MR PORTER

Hat Brixton Jacket Private White V.C* T-shirt Sunspel (c/o) Trousers Oliver Spencer Trainers Common Projects (c/o)

Photography by Joe Galvin

Changes with my style began in my twenties. The oddities of my wardrobe made their way to younger family members, leaving myself with a few pieces that I often reach for in the mornings. Building on what I spoke about in my post about finding my style, once you begin to understand what you enjoy wearing, you can start investing in more premium, well-made pieces.

When I meet up with people to discuss the blog, I always express my desire to use this platform to share my belief in buying better and buying less. It’s nice to be able to buy in confidence knowing that what I do invest in now will be with me for years. The days of buying bright coloured chinos and graphic tops are for me, alas, over.

So finding that pair of denim jeans that will create some beautiful patina as you wear, the frames that you will certainly not leave in your back pocket and a grey sweatshirt that’s rewarding each time you wear it.

Removing yourself from trends and focusing on your personal style allows you to take your time with what you buy. These staples will always be there season upon season and sites like MR PORTER help by stocking brands that share the same principals as myself. And you’ll find if you only make a couple purchases every few months, overtime your wardrobe will have a collective ebb and flow where each item works well with the next.

This wander around the Barbican shows the direction I want to steer my wardrobe in. Although normcore, I enjoy this way of dressing. This Private White V.C lightweight jacket from MR PORTER, weaved to aid protection from typical rainy weather, is as bold as my colours tend to get, spring or not. Paired with my navy courtesy of Sunspel, Oliver Spencer and even the heel tab of the trainers, it’s the attention to detail and design accents that make an outfit such as this one that I’d enjoy to wear daily.

I’m not talking about the super premium, but taking a step back from all high street to include a mix of independents and respected brands that are known to last.

I’m not saying all people in their twenties need to invest heavily straight away. It’s more about thinking what suits your lifestyle and what it would benefit from first. A premium jacket, jumper, a pair of shoes… Everyone’s at different stages building up their wardrobe and my advice is to start by removing what you don’t wear. Dressing becomes easier and more satisfying, knowing that what you’re wearing makes you feel good and that when you wash it, it’ll be the same shape and feel as before.

I’d be interested in hearing what people currently have in their wardrobe and what they wear on the daily. What they are wanting your next purchase to be?


This post was created in association with MR PORTER. However, all the views expressed are my own.