Time to wear glasses (again)

May 17, 2017


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When I think back to my earliest memories, most of my younger years were spent wearing glasses. I had quite poor sight while growing up, with one pair causing people to make references to Harry Potter. I took it as a compliment at the time, who wouldn’t want to be Harry Potter? But then as I got older, my eyes started improving and eventually I didn’t have to wear them anymore.

I never enjoyed wearing glasses while I was young. I found it a pain to always have to remember them – yes I had a rather crazy social life at the age of seven – forgetting them while off to a friend’s house or leaving them at home when at school. Couple that with the fact that I didn’t have a huge say on the specs I was wearing, cheers Mum.

On my most recent eye test I was told I might need them again soon. It’s nowhere near as daunting and dare I say, quite exciting. I’m not surprised I need them again as my work involves looking at a screen most days.

Now that I know it won’t be long before I’m wearing them again, I’m trying to find the right pair. To kickstart me into actively looking for the right glasses, rather excitingly Specsavers were happy to help. I’m currently wearing two pairs on and off – the Lincoln and Rufus – in order to learn what I feel better in. At the minute, although I like a rounded frame, I feel I’m leaning towards a more rectangular style to suit my face, so I chose to wear the Lincoln style out the house and in Leicester.

With so many styles it’s a lot easier to express personal style with glasses now than when I was younger. For me something like tortoise shell is subtle enough to not detract from my outfit, but gives frames a modern feel. No more Harry Potter jibes! I also felt comfortable and confident wearing them, which is the most important thing when it comes to eyewear.

Plus, is it just me that thinks people in glasses can be trusted more? Now I know Specsavers won’t say this, but I think they do. Anything that makes me look like I know what I’m on about… I’m excited to join the eyewear team when needs must and I think I’ve found the right pairs in both the Lincoln and Rufus.

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post is sponsored by Specsavers. However, all the views about Harry Potter and having to wear glasses again are my own.


My London route

May 10, 2017

Dune London Jordan_Bunker_dune_london_1

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It’s becoming a weekly thing now. I’ll head down to London for midday and my day begins. Not living in the city means when I come down I make sure I’m productive. I try and fit in three meetings and maybe an hour or so to take some photos before getting dinner with friends and then back up to Leicester.

London gives me that release and feeling of progression. I’ll spend time behind the desk discussing potential work and then when I’m in London I feel like I’m being pro-active about what I’ve been talking about on email.

For meetings I’ll often suggest somewhere central like Soho. I like the small side streets and the shops you find in the area. I’ve also grown to love how busy Soho is. And although I’ve passed through quite a lot now, I still confuse Berwick with Brewer Street!

And because there’s just so much going on, there are a lot of cafes to choose from – result! My favourite one of late is TAP Coffee on Wardour Street. I’d suggest heading over away from peak times, as it does get quite busy, with the best light being at the front of the café. I think Mat was appreciative of the nice light coming though the large windows that face the street as we discussed current and future projects. Buckets is my go-to when it comes to talking work and TAP played host to our chats for a good hour.

While I’m in London I need somewhere central as a base and a uniform that suits both meetings and something that lends itself to the possibility of photos later in the day

Neighbouring Soho is Mayfair, which is probably quite the opposite. Quieter and cleaner in terms of design, Mayfair is an ideal location to take photos. We headed on over to the Gagosian to capture some detail shots of my outfit and Dune London trainers.

This outfit is perfect for a day in London. Kind of smart and more importantly, comfortable. I go for trousers and trainers most days and my enjoyment for wearing navy has even reached my footwear now. I think Dune London saw me coming for their suede Tyler trainers. A really easy trainer to style that will be getting a lot of wear this season.

Keeping things navy I styled my Dune London trainers with triple twisted socks from Form&Thread, trousers from Initial Fashion and then a utility jacket from PS by Paul Smith. Not forgetting my staple Norse Projects long sleeve. Although basic, details from the socks and stitching in the jacket made this all-navy look far from plain.

While in London, the way I dress needs to be suitable for both meetings and social affairs, which is why I find myself varying the trouser trainer combination so much. I enjoy putting outfits together for the city because the next day its loungewear central behind the desk until I leave the house.

There’s so much of the city I’m yet to see, but Soho and Mayfair will always be two of my favourite go-to locations when I’m need of a productive day.

Photography by Matthew Pike

This post is sponsored by Dune London. However, all the views expressed about London and my addiction to coffee are my own.


Casual days

April 27, 2017

Jordan_Bunker_french_connection_1 French Connection

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What keeps me motivated while behind the desk and working on my own for large periods is the prospect of being able to travel to create content and consider it work. While in Oxford I found this as an opportunity to talk about the days away from my laptop and what I wear when having some downtime. Although I’ve learned to embrace Leicester as a place to shoot content when needs be, it’s also nice to be able to go somewhere different and completely new.

Sometimes a new backdrop and a different location makes me consider things differently. It can be anything from new angles to perspectives, or the colours I want to include. With Oxford being Oxford, there wasn’t much escape from limestone and history, not that I’m complaining. I wanted to embrace it rather than try and make Oxford sit in-line with my normal posts. If I did that, then what would be the point of travelling to somewhere new?

The starting point of this project was to select items from the French Connection Man spring summer range that allowed me to feel freed of work and ready for a day in a new city. I picked up a short sleeve t-shirt, with textured cotton and navy striped sleeves.

Casual daywear can, at times, make you feel a little plain Jane. But for me, extra nods of colour and material consideration can elevate a basic piece into something that can be worn alone.

What you wear for certain situations can help separate work and time off. If I’m wearing a t-shirt and straight navy cotton chinos I feel a little more at ease than if I was in London for the day. I’d normally start planning what to wear the night before and make sure it had to work. Whereas an outfit like this makes me feel relaxed and ready to switch off.

I’ll be sharing what I got up to in Oxford soon, including a couple of amazing stores we managed to find. Do you have two uniforms, one for work and one for out of office hours?

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post has been sponsored by French Connection. However, all the views expressed are my own.