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South Thailand Photo Diary

July 22, 2016

Well hello there! For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter, if you don’t I’ll leave a very obvious hint here and here, I’m travelling around South East Asia, with my first stop being Thailand. Just last week I found myself in South Thailand where they have more beaches than people (maybe a slight exaggeration), palm trees for days and more views than your Instagram feed can keep up with.

It isn’t sun all day everyday as some of you might expect, it’s actually rainy season, but because of my graduation being in November, myself along with two of my close friends Jack and Hollie are travelling now until September. Rain aside, it’s a beautiful place and I’ve been loving discovering new places. We were island hopping around the south for a little over two weeks and in the second week, I don’t think I’ve had so many mixed emotions in a short space of time.

From receiving my degree results from Bournemouth – and passing hurrah – to receiving the sad news that my granddad sadly passed away. The two events came in the space of twenty-four hours of each other and it kind of brought me back to reality. Being away from home may of helped a little, always being on the move, but with plans to go and see my granddad in September in Hong Kong, it sucked. A lot. It kind of made my degree rather insignificant and put into perspective what’s important in life.

On the islands there’s not much going on and people that seem to have that day-by-day mentality. They are quite content to simply enjoy their surroundings and get by. Being surrounded by this approach has made me switch off from the pressures I put on myself when I’m at home. So for now and the rest of this trip I’m taking it one day at a time and make the most of everything I can.


Form & Thread

June 28, 2016

Since the turn of the year I’ve slowly started to change how I’m building up the pieces in my wardrobe. Call it selective or terribly picky, but as I’ve gotten older it takes a lot for me to part with my money. However, when I do it’s often a piece that I know is going to add to what I already have in the t-shirt, trousers or shoes department.

Form & Thread, a brand formerly known just for its ace socks, has now created an essentials collection that truly is everything you need to start building up your wardrobe. They are the base and staple of any outfit before starting to layer and build up colours. They have created a range of t-shirts, including a beautiful breton, as well as a couple of sweatshirts to throw on during the evening.

My style now lends itself to a nice fitting tee, a thin pair of slacks or turned up jeans for the summer and then a nice pair of trainers, shoes or converse depending on the occasion. With Form & Thread they’ve really taken their time to perfect the cut and how their jersey products sit. I once had the mentality of if I like the way a garment looked, but not necessarily sitting perfectly, I’d still buy it. Now I’m much more considered and if the length of a top drowns me or the sleeves bury my arms it goes back on the hanger.

I guess what I’m trying to say is next time you make a purchase, make it count. Take as much time to buy an item as Form & Thread do to make their products a quality one. In the long run you’ll realise that the knee jerk purchases we’ve all been guilty of making were all in vain. Head over to their blog to read more about the Form & Thread story.


Exploring Brighton with Realm & Empire

June 23, 2016

Trilby hat Brixton Jacket Realm & Empire Longsleeve T-Shirt Armor Lux Watch Mondaine Tote Carhartt WIP Trousers Realm & Empire Trainers ASOS

Let’s pack up the car and head to the seaside. Brighton has always been a town that for one reason or another, has alluded me. I wanted to squeeze in one last road trip with Emily before I go travelling this summer, so Brighton was the destination of choice.

Receiving plenty of recommendations, I was armed with a list of the usual suspects – coffee shops, menswear stores and homeware. Needless to say we didn’t get to go to everything as I can only drink so much coffee and eat so much good food. If anyone wants to visit Brighton, stay in this Airbnb. It is hands down one of the nicest houses I’ve stepped foot in and has given me house goals/envy. Whenever I go for a trip away I’ll make sure I earmark some places to visit over the course of a few days, but more often than not I’ll stumble across others nearby the ones I’ve highlighted. As for the shops in the area, they couldn’t have been much better. I purposely didn’t photograph everything as I wanted to not always have to think about getting a good photo everywhere I went. I don’t think I could’ve visited half of the shops I did otherwise. Instead, here’s a list of the best places we went…

My Brighton recommendation list:

I got my menswear fix from Peggs & Son and Our Daily Edit.
My print addiction was fed by Magazine Brighton – Thank you Poppy for the tip!
I found myself drinking coffee and eating all the good foods at Bread & Milk, Bagelman, The Flour Pot Bakery and The Plant Room.
Inspiration for my future flat was found inside Edited and Workshop.


Being someone who hadn’t visited the area before this visit, Brighton seems to be full of people who express themselves in how they dress. Other than London, I don’t think I’ve seen it anywhere else until Brighton. It’s no ‘tee and jeans’, everyone is wearing something different. For me, my outfit was mostly made up of some pieces from Realm & Empire.

Whenever I’m exploring a new city, I’ll always make sure I have my camera close-by and a pair of trainers on – I’ll sacrifice style everytime when I know I’ll be walking around loads – and then importantly, an outfit I feel comfortable in. This time around I turned to Realm & Empire for my Brighton get-up. Inspired by British heritage, the outfit couldn’t have been more suitable for walking around the town. More recently I’ve been wearing a looser fitting trouser like these herringbone trousers. The fit is much more breathable, comfier and this pair sit really well just about the ankle, perfect with trainers or some Converse hi-tops and then wearing a simple zip-up jacket to throw on during the British summer.

Coffee shops on every corner and plenty of independent stores in the Laines, there was just so many cool places to visit in Brighton. I managed to pick up interesting reads in Magazine Brighton, some nice pieces from Peggs & Son and had a great flat white from The Plant Room. While living in Bournemouth I had my one coffee shop and one menswear store I’d go to, but Brighton is spoilt for choice. And what’s a trip to Brighton without a trip to the pier?

It’s a town that I can see myself visiting many more times to come and next time I’ll make a city guide now I know my way around this very cool place. I’ll be back Brighton!