Snapshots #3

May 13, 2016

1. Why can’t coffee at home look this good? Shout out to Coffee Lab for serving up this piece of art to me.

2. The weather has been so nice and warm recently, meaning numerous trips to the beach to soak it up and forget about dissertation woes. Only a month left in this amazing town.

3. I think it’s the done thing now. Find a nice house. Stand in front of it. Upload it to the Instagram feed.

4. If you’re ever in Dorset and want to visit a town that makes yours feel like it needs to buck its ideas up, it’s Poundbury.

5. I’ve managed to pick up some really nice pieces in recent weeks. These Converse and Realm & Empire trousers being two of them.

6. Oh Winchester. There are so many nice houses and flats in the city centre that makes me want to pack up and live there. I have a Winchester City Guide out so go and have a nose.

7. Emily aka dancing girl emoji has spruced up her blog and it is looking pretty damn good. Make sure you go and check it out now (but not before you’ve finished reading this!)

8. I don’t think there are many shops that look as good as Cherryade Store. They are opening an online website soon so I can’t wait to deck out my future flat with all their homeware pieces!

9. Oh London, my dissertation has consumed me and I have missed you. Hopefully when my university work is over I’ll be able to visit you more frequently!


How to style men’s monk shoes

May 6, 2016

Being able to wear a shoe style in more than one way can be at times a struggle, but don’t go buying another pair just yet. Sometimes it can be achieved by changing up your colour palette, swapping black for blue, is one way I have found to make an outfit more casual for example. Men’s monk shoes are often seen as a smart style, and rightly so, they look pretty good with a pair of trousers every time! However, that doesn’t mean we can’t try our hand at making it a casual shoe as well. Pen and paper at the ready…

Dune London asked me to share with you how I style men’s monk shoes for different occasions. With tan coloured monks, my advice would be to pair them with grey trousers, or like me, wear them with blue denim. Walking down the most colourful street with my rushmore men’s monk shoes and wearing a lightweight jacket, I definitely had a touch of spring in my step. It’s the little details for me, so swapping out a standard sole for a wooden one and having a high-shine finish makes this a shoe that can be worn both day and night.

Of course men’s monk shoes can be a smart option and what better colour to do that than black. It’s the classic choice and my favourite. My love affair with black goes back too far to remember. The reynold monks are simple enough to pull off with pretty much anything and I wanted to stick to an all-black colour palette. I threw on my trilby hat and suede jacket before heading out the door feeling like I had that rock vibe.

And following the suede theme, my last outfit styled up the brigadier monk shoes in brown. I’ve always liked wearing suede, but it can be tough at times to get the right clothes to match. For me, I’m not one for wearing suede with overly formal outfits such as suits and shirt and tie, as I think the distinction between the two is too much. Here though, I’ve found that a pair of cropped grey trousers works quite nicely. Traditionally, the trouser should just brush the top of the shoe, but to give things an updated edge and more youthful feel I’ve ignored this, cropped my trousers and I think that works really well. Wearing varying tones of grey, additions such as a watch and jewellery help give your look some additional colour.

So that’s my little post of tips that can hopefully you style your monk shoes at home. Formal and casual, now you’ve got it covered. Let me know how you’re styling yours in the comments below.

This post was in collaboration with Dune London, but my addiction to monk strap shoes and feeling like the bee’s knees in them are definitely my own thoughts.


Winchester City Guide

April 29, 2016

Well this should be fun! This is my first dedicated city guide on the blog and I’m starting off with Winchester. Halfway between my student town Bournemouth and London, it’s a pretty cool place to go for the day (or two). I’ve picked out a selection of cool spots we visited whilst we were there and ones I can definitely vouch for. If I had some kind of approval stamp they’d all get one. If you do follow my recommendations, first of all thank you for trusting me with your day, and secondly let me know what you thought to them.

Where to stay?
No. 5 Bridge Street

If you’re planning on staying overnight and want somewhere to rest your head then the No. 5 Bridge Street is a great option. Located right in the centre, it’s in a really good spot. I think when both Emily and myself walked in we got the vibe of a nice bedroom rather than a hotel room, which is definitely a good feeling. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about doing something wrong. It should be a space that you feel relaxed in, can chill and get excited about going to sleep on the massive bed! Oh and the shower was great to wake me up with Pinterest perfect white tiles and rainfall showerhead. If you know what I mean then I tip my hat off to you.


Where to shop?
The Consortium and The Hambledon

The Consortium

In Winchester you’ll inevitably visit the Winchester Cathedral with it being quite a small city so I’m just talking about the shops and food places that may slip you by. The Consortium is at the top end of town and is full of small and large-scale homeware and furniture pieces spread across three floors. A couple favourites for me were the Scandinavian-esque throws and cycling prints. I know my dad would love them! In the basement they had some vintage furniture that had been upholstered and it just gets my head spiralling with flat and house ideas, something I definitely don’t need as a soon to be unemployed graduate.

The Hambledon

Now this is my pick of the bunch, but that’s not to the demeanour of any of my other selections. The Hambledon just had a selection of both menswear and homeware under one roof that ticked every box for me, so kudos to the buyers of this amazing store in Winchester. It had me being a book enthusiast and card hoarder wannabe on the ground floor, and a selective menswear buyer in the basement. And I say selective as I could of picked up so much more if it wasn’t for the woes of student loan. I walked out with the Converse Hi 70s and a Norse t-shirt from the Spring Summer collection. Special mention to Rob for the interesting chats.


Where to eat?
Rawberry, Caracoli, Coffee Lab and No. 5 Bridge Inn


It is at this point that I should mention I’m not normally health conscious about my drinks or food, but Emily is trying out healthy eating as much as possible so we found Rawberry, a cool little juice bar on St. George’s Street. Packed with loads of goodness of nice ingredients we had a couple juices and split a halloumi wrap mid-adventuring. Like all the places we went, it had a really cool shop fit and a really relaxed feel that made Rawberry even better.


Of course what would a city guide be without knowing where the best coffee is? I visited two coffee whilst we were in Winchester, but I definitely think I could have squeezed one more in. I ordered a fantastic flat white in Caracoli whilst being tempted by all their cakes.

Coffee Lab

With a more relaxed feel and slightly away from the high street is Coffee Lab. Just opening up last month, Coffee Lab is an independent (tick) and serves up amazing coffee. What’s not to like? I can only see this place getting more popular, over spilling to the outside bench of the café most days.

No. 5 Bridge Street (food)

Our bed for the night was also our dinner spot. As we were just staying for the one night we could only choose one place for the guide, but it sure is a good one at that. Serving up some really good options on the night and the friendliest of waitresses who happened to do the same course as me – hi if you’re reading this -this was perfect for our trip away. And only a short walk away for a drink was The Black Boy to end our night. I’ve left some more recommendations below food wise, that I’ve read, looked and have been told about.

Other spots to visit if you have the time!

There is only so much coffee, food and cool shops we could visit in a couple days so here are a few other recommendations I think are definitely worth going to: Rick Stein, The Green Man, The Corner House, Black White Red and The Itchen Way Walk (when it’s nice weather).

I hope you enjoyed this small guide with all my favourites included. The next place I plan to visit is Brighton so if you’re familiar with the area please do leave a comment below so I can check it out. Thanks so much, Jordan.