My Stuff #3

February 17, 2017


I always enjoy putting these together and with plenty of new things to share from Christmas and New Year, it was perfect timing. With January momentum fading, a small pick-me-up purchase isn’t the worst idea. Whether it’s a magazine, candle or something else, it’s nice to buy yourself something in reward for working damn hard.

1. Lagom magazine

This is a magazine I picked up on a trip to Leeds at Village. The guys in store recommended it after I said I was looking for something that involved a mix of interesting interviews with creative’s, coffee and fashion. Normally if a magazine has say around four interesting pieces inside it, I’ll buy it. But Lagom is a page-turner from cover to end. I can’t recommend it enough.

2. Earl of East candle (Smoke & Musk)

A present from my sister at Christmas, this candle has been put to good use! I lean towards more musky candles and this Earl of East candle is a treat when I’m burning it. Even when I’m not, I’ll unscrew the lid and have a quick inhale when it’s on the desk – that’s not weird, is it?

3. NAB notebook

Not-Another-Bill sell the most brilliant subscription gifts and this little embossed notebook is one of them. It’s pocket-sized so it’s perfect for when I want to go old school with my to-do lists and write something down quickly.

4. Brixton flat cap

For those that follow me on social and have read previous fashion blog posts, you’ll know I’m a big hat fan. I’ve picked up a couple new ones from Brixton and this flat-cap style is definitely something new for me. I’ve had a couple digs from family members, but I think it’s such a cool hat to try out.

5. HAY pencil tray

A trip to Copenhagen isn’t done properly without a couple purchases. I bought this pencil tray from HAY House (it’s called a UU) and it sits proudly on my desk without fail.

6. Common Projects Achilles Low

These trainers weren’t necessarily something I was actively looking to buy, but when END. had a 25% sale on almost everything, these trainers went straight into my basket. I’m praying I keep these clean.

7. Cactus (and plants in general)

Often left with plant envy from Instagrammer’s Haarkon, I have an urge to turn one corner of my room into a plant haven. My cacti collection is up to five, with this one being my most recent. I’m eyeing up a swiss cheese plant, but I can’t seem to find one locally.


Shades of grey

February 13, 2017


Jacket Reiss T-shirt Norse Projects Trousers ASOS Trainers Common Projects Watch Timex

Photography by Matthew Pike

Probably taking inspiration from a rather drab start to the year in terms of weather, my fall guy when it comes to dressing is grey. It’s an easy option, just like black and navy, where you don’t necessarily have to think. But if you do, they can be more than just safe options.

Take the above for example. I’ve picked out varying shades of grey along with wearing some different textures and this subtly goes a long way in achieving a well thought out look. I style myself a little left of centre, sticking to most of the sartorial rules (if there are such a thing), but then offering my two cents on it. A slightly higher trouser to reveal my socks and a Reiss half zip-up allows me to show off some pattern underneath and bring in some depth to my outfit.

Spending the afternoon in Nottingham at Nottingham Contemporary, it was warm enough not to wear a coat. If this rare feat didn’t happen, I’d of probably been wearing a grey overcoat, or even a denim jacket.

I’m wanting to connect with more creatives in Leicester. Content creators, freelancers, photographers and bloggers… let’s meet up.

The trip was a well-timed break from working on the website redesign and some much needed headspace from what’s turned out to be a very busy couple of months. Also, it was a chance to meet up with some very creative guys in the city. It was cool to see so much happening in Nottingham and I’m interested to find people in Leicester. It would be great to connect to more people in Leicester doing creative things. Consider this an open invitation to those wanting to grab a coffee together.


Redesigning my website

February 5, 2017

Things are going to start looking a little different on here. When I first started writing this blog I started it with this very design layout and nothing has changed. The more time I’ve spent on the blog, the more I’ve felt the urge to give it a much-needed refresh.

It might be because I open this blog up everyday, but I feel like it’s time I made some tweaks and I would really appreciate getting a helping hand from you guys, the people who read it. I’d love to have some good conversations with you either in the comments below or on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook… about what you currently think about the blog – good and bad! It is a chance for a new start and to build on what I think has been a pretty good two years.

The crux of what I want to learn from you is what you enjoy reading on the blog and what you don’t necessarily engage with? Do you prefer fashion posts to lifestyle, or do you enjoy the mix? Would you want to see more travel guides on the blog? Advice on this would really help shape future content. Plus… What do you think is missing? Is there something that’s not on the blog and I’ve completely missed it?

I’m really excited to be finally taking the first steps to creating a new website and I’m wanting to create something entirely different. I’ve found a great designer down in Dorset, meaning they’ll be plenty more trips to the coast.

Let’s call it Jordan Bunker 2.0. I see this new website as a chance to really filter through all the content I have created. For me, this new layout has to be refreshingly different to what you see on your other blog reads. I guess I’m taking a risk in trying to change things, but I guess we shall find out soon whether this will all be worth it.

If it isn’t, at least I can be known as the guy with the really odd looking blog, right? Let’s get talking!

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