This is not a place where I tell you what you should wear. It’s a space to encourage personal style. Everyone’s style is different and this blog documents mine.

Jordan Bunker

"Hi, I'm Jordan Bunker and I’m a men’s fashion, lifestyle and travel blogger, as well as a freelance writer and content creator." Jargon for: enjoys clothes, likes to write and takes photos.

And while we’re getting to know each other, I’m a guy who enjoys coffee, print magazines and a slower pace to life.

My background includes a degree in journalism and a freelance position at British GQ. From what started as something alongside university, this has now developed into a platform that I get to work on everyday. My blog is for those who want to invest in quality, discover their personal style, champion independents and embrace the online community.

I share stories of my style, create small travel guides from places I’ve visited and talk about the changes that happen in my life. This blog encourages two-way conversation, I want to learn from the people who read my blog and I hope for you to take something away when visiting my corner of the Internet.

Right, time to get working! Come over and say hello and let’s spark up a conversation.