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Small rewards in the everyday

Small rewards in the everyday

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My alarm goes off at 8.30am and my day begins. As a freelancer, my routine (or lack of) differs to most.




Did someone say a quick coffee at Porter + Cole before a visit to Form Lifestyle store?





There’s no office, no typical working day, no lunch hour so to speak and something which I feel I miss out on most, work colleagues. Sometimes, not having a team to rally around can cause my productivity and motivation levels to dip here and there so for me I have to try and bring in things to motivate myself. One of those things is treating myself.

I’ve partnered with American Express to share some of the things I do to reward myself. They've found out that people give themselves a little treat, on average, three times a week.** It doesn’t have to be anything massive, but for me it’s moments that motivate me to carry on working and feel good doing it.

We all know I enjoy coffee, but it’s not just the taste, it’s the experience. Whether it’s a coffee at a café or a home brew, I like to take my time with it. These minutes allow me time to think. I think about what’s next workwise, as well as enjoy some light blog reading and follow new accounts on Instagram. I enjoy finding people with a different approach to work to inspire myself.

I also like buying something small for my bedroom as a bit of a reward. Whether it’s a candle, mug, coaster or (sometimes and) a new magazine. Whatever I bring into my room has to bring in meaning though and these small items either provide joy or inspiration.

Then there’s the relatively new reward for me of running. I like the structure it’s adding to my day. I feel the days when I run I have a clearer structure of how my day is looking oppose to a full day on my laptop where motivation wains. A day of work, running and then a little bit more work makes for a really rewarding feeling when I’ve been able to look back on the day and see what I’ve accomplished.

Maximise your ability to focus, enjoy and embrace your work and reward yourself often to maintain progress.

So for me it’s coffee, small homeware purchases and then a little bit of running when I can pull myself away. These #everydayperks are ways in which I reward myself to keep motivated when working solo. If you feel like you’re in a rut, I would honestly take thirty minutes to clear your mind and go again. There have been too many occasions where I’ve lost a good hour mindlessly clicking through social feeds with no purpose.

If you feel like there’s other ways I could be rewarding myself, please message me as well as share your #EverydayPerks so others can find out how to keep themselves feeling good.jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike. This post is sponsored by American Express. Thank you for supporting the brands that support the blog. 

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