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Personal style in London

Personal style in London


Travelling into the city has become a regular occurrence and although I don't live in London, I'm starting to learn why people enjoy it so much. One reason being the freedom of personal style.










Tucson hat


Black montand wool jumper


Mard crop trousers

Clarks Originals

Weaver shoes in black



London has become a regular thing. The 9am bus to Leicester and the 10.24am train down to St. Pancras Intl. takes me into the city for my first meeting. With my trips into London now weekly, you could say that the commute has lost its excitement. But for me, one of the things I’ll always appreciate when I get off the train is seeing Londoner’s embrace personal style.

There’s no conformity, no set parameters in which to abide by, people have an attitude that allows them to do them when it comes to styling. I feel the first time I was in London was the first time I was exposed to more than the shirt and black jeans combination (not that there’s anything wrong with that) I was used to seeing around Leicester. People try something different here and with confidence. As the train journeys have racked up, the more I’ve felt this attitude pass down to me.

I’m more assured in myself in what I choose to wear day to day and if there’s something I want to try out I’ll feel good attempting it – although not everything will be a winner. But at least I’ve learnt to feel more confident in what I wear and pushing myself to try new styles. If it wasn’t for working in this city and the people I’ve met here I probably wouldn’t of tried half the things I wear now on the daily. The trilbys and the flat caps, the wider trousers and the more ambitious styling choices.

I share a little more about what I think the 'London style' is over on my feature with Zalando. They’ve created a guide with Lizzy Hadfield and myself on what we think the London style is, along with other European cities like Madrid and Copenhagen.

My outfit of choice for a day in London is usually a simple one. Something that’s comfortable and will take me through from the first meeting to the return journey home. Here I’m styling up some pieces from Zalando, a platform that brings together the high street and high end, something which is synonymous with my own way of dressing. For the days where I'm not wearing navy, it's often black or grey.  A wool mock neck jumper from YMC, cropped Weekday trousers and Weavers from Clarks Originals made for an easy look. Nothing too adventurous, but a sartorial styling nod to Peaky Blinders with a hat from Dickies and plenty of textures to pick up on in this all-black outfit.

As the weekly trips to London increase, the more I start to takeaway from it. I find myself making mental notes of clever styling from people sat opposite me and taking inspiration from my talented peers in the blogging community. The carefree approach Londoners have when it comes to other people’s opinions is rubbing off on me.jbicon

Photography by Ollie Ali. This post is sponsored by Zalando, however my views on how my personal style has developed and Zalando are all my own.


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