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My Stuff #6

My Stuff #6


Days at home don’t have to be mundane. There are a number of little things we can enjoy from the comfort of our own space. As a work from home guy I’m inside an awful lot, so I’ve got a few things to help me tick over while I’m working or when having some down time in the evenings.




1. Libratone headphones

Music is key for me when I’m either getting distracted too easily during work or mindlessly scrolling. If I’m editing photos then music of any kind is a go and I can work through my edits without losing focus. But, if I’m trying to write, then the music needs to be something that doesn’t make me sing-a-long. To get me away from a screen, during lunch I’ll often wear my headphones to listen a podcast rather than watch something.

2. Reading material

That’s it, I’m on a magazine ban. I signed up to Esquire before the end of the year using their £5 for five issues deal, which I believe you can still use. Then there’s the new MR PORTER post that arrived recently which is free to all subscribers. That’s a steady stream of new material. I’ll quite often dip into my old magazines to reread some pieces that grabbed me the first time.

3. SOH candle

Is it too cliché to say I waxed lyrical about this candle in an Instagram post not too long ago? I couldn’t help myself. Gifted to me by Jayson and Ryan of Workshop Living in Brighton, this Aussie brand have created some of the best smelling candles, as well as bonus points for how good they look. I’ve not even got in burning and I can still smell it.

4. The House That Pinterest Built

A gift that has worked its way into a coffee table reads post I’ve written (coming soon), Brittany and Matthew bought this book for me as a belated birthday present. Books that are filled with incredible imagery and helpful tips always grab me again and again.

5. Son of a Tailor

A brand that I’ve been aware of for sometime is Son of a Tailor. They determine the size you’ll need off a series of calculations that they call a ‘size algorithm’. Jargon aside, the aim is that you end up with a perfect fit. I’m looking forward to testing out these three over the next few days.

6. Le Labo skincare

We all need some tlc bits, especially over the winter. Take the first step by getting yourself a lip balm and some hand cream. They’ll be your saviours over the last stretch of winter. Take a look at Le Labo’s grooming range, failing that… Aesop and Grown Alchemist. All brands I’ll happily vouch for on packaging alone.

7. Campbell Cole coin pouch

Worn pretty much non-stop during Fashion Week last month in London, this coin pouch from Campbell Cole received plenty of admirers while on the road. Handy, super pleasant on the eye and it also makes me feel like I’m employed with a work lanyard around my neck. I’ve got no excuse now for not carrying change with me.


You may remember that last year I partnered with SKAGEN to see how their hybrid smartwatch would integrate with how I work. The notifications were quite useful and something that when I’m not wearing, I miss. Now I’m continuing this partnership with their Falster smartwatch which amps up the tech even more. I’ll be sharing more on this soon.jbicon


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New year, same coat

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