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Student Style with The Idle Man

Student Style with The Idle Man


It’s October, I’m back in Bournemouth and I’m ready to start university again after pretending to be a fresher one last time.



St. Petersburg Jacket


Cream striped crewneck

Hook LDN

Black sunglasses

Fred Perry

Classic barrel bag



Now with a dissertation looming, it might be a case of late nights from deadlines than a night out. With it being final year, I’ll be finding myself around campus a lot, meaning having a wardrobe that suits the 9am start and keeping presentable.

Something that is important to me is feeling comfortable in what I'm going to be wearing around university as some day’s can be quite long. When you’re heading in for a 9am start you don’t want to be wearing something that you’re not going to be comfy in. Think long sleeve t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies and maybe leaving the shirt at home. Idle Man have student style covered and helped me recreate a typical university look with this Edwin striped classic. It might just be a sweatshirt, but the striped detailing adds a nice touch, although you’ll find me in plenty of plain basics throughout the year. There's no real need for a smart shirt, except for presentations, but you could try wearing thick cotton and chequered shirts occasionally.

You’re also going to be needing that extra layer with you for the most part of the university term. However nice it looks outside, just remind yourself it’s autumn. I’ve made that mistake many times whilst heading to lectures.

A trusted brand is Dickies and this jacket adds that much needed warmth, with a collar detailing to add a slight smart touch. I'll also be throwing on my overcoat when I'm heading out the door when it gets to December as they are a really good basic, but can be styled both up or down.

When it comes to what I'm wearing on my legs it's often a pair of black or blue skinny jeans. I don't think I've ever been brave enough to wear joggers on campus. I know I said go for comfort, but I think that takes it a little too far.

Throughout the term I’ll often change up my trainers on a daily rotation to keep things different, but that’s one of the only thing that changes often. So, a good collection of basics that you can swap out and pair with your coats and jackets, and being comfy in what you’re wearing and you’ll have a number of outfit options to keep you going.

Thank you to Idle Man for helping me create one of many university looks I'll be wearing. What are your student style tips?

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