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Weekday in Nottingham

Weekday in Nottingham


We’re halfway through March and I have no idea where this year is going.


Realm & Empire

Wool donkey jacket


Black long sleeve t-shirt

One Endeavour

Aer Fit Pack


Grey cropped trousers



Since September, it’s been one blur of travel, work and just taking it week by week. This approach has seen me get to March relatively unscathed, happy with how freelancing is going and feeling upbeat about what’s to come for the rest of the year.

What keeps things fresh and exciting is putting aside dates to get away from a desk and head out, however far or near. Sometimes even the shortest of trips can be just as enjoyable.

As I’ve said before, Nottingham is so close and switches things up a little from the norm. New places engage you to take in what’s around you. You’re out of your normal cycle and you’re looking down the streets away from the main road and looking up from your phone.

I headed to Cartwheel for a much-needed coffee and I’ve slowly started to put together a list of places I want to visit in New York. I said at the start of the year I wanted to travel there and although I’ll be heading out on my own, I think it’ll be such a cool experience.

The transition from walking around Nottingham, to getting work done was seamless.

Keeping things easy while being on the move is my AER backpack from One Endeavour. Their aim is to bring together the best of the independents and the AER is certainly up there. It just has a zip where there needs to be one. One for the main compartment, one on top for smaller items and then one on the front shell for easy access. It allowed me to have my camera within reach at all times and my laptop protected in a separate sleeve. The transition from walking around Nottingham, to getting work done was seamless.

When on foot and outside there was definitely a feeling of spring. This week has seen me replace heavier coats for lighter options, like this one from Realm & Empire. Worn with a simple Kooples piece, grey ASOS trousers and black Converse, it made for an easy outfit, which wasn’t eye grabbing, but certainly appropriate for a day of warmer weather.jbicon

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post is sponsored by One Endeavour. Thank you for supporting the brands that allow me to continue to create content.


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