Five years in

With it turning September, it marks five years of blogging for me. I’ve looked back on what has changed since I started back in 2014 and how I am looking to move forward. And no, my family still don’t quite understand what I do for a job.

My guide to t-shirts

Most menswear outfits start with a t-shirt. It does not matter if you are at work or as far away from work as possible, you are most likely wearing one underneath whatever else you have going on. I’m walking you through what I value in a good t-shirt.

Summer in the city

I get it, you would rather be on holiday. So would I. But when annual leave limits how long we can be away from our desks for and summer decides to turn its head to the city, I’m sharing what I choose for a day of work.

In the tub

Sitting in a line on the bathtub and waiting to be used each day, here are five products I use while I’m in the shower. From scrubs to cleansers, these are my thoughts so far on what I’m working my way through.

Studio time

This time last week I was in Manchester working with the talented Rosie Butcher. With the project out, I wanted to share some of the photos I liked that didn’t make the final cut.

GANT in Lisbon

The city of seven hills not only promises plenty of walking, but usually reliable summer backdrops. On this occasion I was dealt an unfavourable hand, but not even the weather was going to disrupt my first visit.

JOSEPH by the coast

The warmer seasons in England are unpredictable. We are too quick to escape to warmer climes that we forget to appreciate what lies in these shores. To celebrate spring summer ‘19, we took a trip to the English coastline and celebrate what we have close to home.

Blog hiatus

It looks like March did not really happen on here. While I want to say sorry for the lack of blog posts on here, sometimes you cannot force it. I’ve shared a few thoughts as to why I think this might be.

Sentimental dressing

Adding items to my wardrobe where I know the story behind it makes the purchase mean so much more. Clothes become more than just what you put on in the morning. I talk about a new addition in my wardrobe that means more that most.

Menswear is trending

For all of us that like to feel we have a tight grip on our personal style, deflecting menswear columns and runway trends are key to staying true to our wardrobe. But surely some of this hits home even if it is a nuance or colour we are seeing or reading a lot of?

Two weeks in

It might not be common, but for me I have allowed myself to take things as slow as possible. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to work on and being able to feel comfortable with the notion that everyone is on a different career path where no two are the same.

Menswear gift guide

With a little over a week to go until the 25th, I feel these ten menswear items would all sit very well underneath the Christmas tree. If anyone wants to gift me these, that would be okay as well.