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Attention to detail

Attention to detail


Each day we present ourselves the opportunity to come up with an outfit to feel good in. For me, I feel most confident when I've been able to spend time considering what I’m wearing, even the finer details.







Folk Clothing

Collar shirt in black (sold out)

Saturdays NYC

Gordy Linen Pleated Pant


Arizona mules in stone

Campbell Cole

O Tote in black



Cast your minds back to April and you may remember items such as jeans and lightweight jackets and fashion words like layering and transitional. I can’t remember a day under twenty degrees (68°F) and summer dressing has been more prominent this year than most. Us Brits are used to a two-week summer, where we our one pairs of shorts and dust down the sandals before swiftly putting them back on the rack. Yet this summer I’m reaching for my emergency t-shirts (read: t-shirts that I really should get rid of) and ducking into any place with a/c.

With layering almost certainly off the table… for now, it’s important to utilise the two pieces you put on your top and bottom half, as well as accessories. Though I keep everything relatively simple, pieces such as my Folk shirt (sadly now out of stock), distracts from the lack of layering and replaces it with punchy prints, a tactile material and a cuban collar spread I’ve become quite accustomed to Monday-Sunday.

One word that certainly hasn’t been forgotten about is linen. My Saturdays NYC trousers have helped me feel comfortable in how I dress (I don’t often enjoy wearing shorts) while still ticking the weather appropriate box. Linen trousers were an item I’d been eyeing up for some time. I just needed them to sit right and feel good. Louche and loose, but not oversized.

Then when it comes to having a bag by my side, very few consider and sweat over detail more than Campbell Cole (no bias, promise).

Created out of collaboration with my good friend Oliver Hooson, the O Tote helps carry my camera, water, the necessary essentials and when the weather allows, a second layer.

Though my outfit might be basic on the surface, it’s the consideration of shape and material when putting it together that I find satisfying. How the different shapes sit, the overall mood it conveys and how it all looks once put together. And this description could be used for both fashion and architecture. The late Zaha Hadid designed this incredible location in Hong Kong. It’s Hadid’s thinking behind the overall shape of the Hong Kong Innovation Tower combined with its smaller details and materials that comes together simultaneously to make it what it is.

For me with my outfit for example, the smaller details I fixated on were the size of the collar, how far the pleat extends down the trouser, how I could use the colour of the polka dot to tie my two pieces together and that the shorter fit of the shirt allowed to show off more of the trousers. For some, the finer details may not garner or warrant attention, but for those that do, it is something to enjoy and utilise as you begin to realise how important each component when dressing is, despite its presence in the overall look.jbicon

Photography by Timmy Lo and Laura Laviani


My Hong Kong

My Hong Kong

Berlin in a day.

Berlin in a day.