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London in the sun

London in the sun


When the sun comes out to play, the city (and your outfit) completely changes. If summer finally delivers on its promise, I have two materials that I'll be relying on to keep me cool.







Ollie Quinn

Blue Sidney frames


White short sleeve shirt (similar)


Italian Seersucker trousers


Arizona Birko-Flor Nubuck Stone



Writing these blog posts in advance can sometimes be tricky. Normally a quip about the weather will satisfy most, but as I have no idea if the warm weather is coming or going I’ll tell you that this was taken a few weeks ago when I was in London shooting my SKAGEN blog post.

On this particular day in London we were treated to sun of the highest order. Not only does the sun help improve my mood, it always make me look outwards more. I think when the weather is quite grey, your phone is more appealing than your surroundings, but as soon as a bit of sun is out everything changes. For me, I like how areas of light and shadow make me focus on details on a building in isolation.

And of course, details in clothing are just as important, none more so when the weather forces us pro-layering fans to be stripped of them. My top and trousers were two fine examples of this. This Topman shirt was picked up towards the end of last year and I’ve been waiting for the weather to be more short-sleeve appropriate. It’s a poplin shirt meaning it has a tactile and lightweight feel to it, while also providing something that is white a little more substance. 

Then for my legs I again returned to these seekersucker trousers from Jigsaw (fyi they are now on sale). I’ve been wearing them to death and I really could do with another pair of summer appropriate trousers - think linen and loose shapes - and I’ve got my eye on these Folk ones before I deem myself summer ready.

Up until now Birkenstock sandals have eluded me for no reason other than I’ve been slow on the pick up. I’ve been told countless times about how comfortable they are and they are not wrong. Plus, any hint of dad style I thought I’d convey has well and truly been dismissed.

There’s nothing too complex going on in today’s post, just enough to give you a good idea of what I’m wearing. I never want to over exhaust a blog post when it doesn’t need it. Have a great week everyone and let’s hope this weather is picking up asap, we are in May after all.jbicon

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading


Light layers

Light layers

Freelance so far

Freelance so far