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Blog hiatus

Blog hiatus


Where did you go Jordan? A little explanation as to why I was rather inactive on here for the month of March.






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Nobody ever intends to let the ball slip. It just happens and when it does you have nothing to really point the finger at sometimes. I am always flying the flag for blogs in general and I feel they will always have a place, yet this is also coming from the guy who did not write anything during the month of March.

When I noticed that a few weeks had past before hitting publish the other day, I tried to think about why it had happened. At the minute I have openly said I am looking to move out and I think because I have such high hopes of what I want that space to be and what it will enable me to create, I am mentally thinking of how I want things to shape up there so much so that I have neglected where I currently am and that I still need to keep creating.

The same applies to this website. There is one or two changes that will be coming into play that I have been sitting on in the hope that it frees me up a little more in terms of writing. There is times where I have wanted to write about something, but because of the lack of images I stopped myself. Hopefully this will change in the coming months and there will be a space you can go to where the words stand up on their own.

I am someone that does not like to blame external factors when it comes to working. I think if you need to get something done, you do it. Yet that had not been the case in March. There has even been the fleeting thought of “if I haven’t blogged in a while, do I subconsciously not want to blog anymore?” (I know… deep). I have been quick to remove this as that is certainly not happening here. When I strip it all back I think I need to be stricter with myself and not allow my ability to be flexible with my time be mistaken for lie-ins and incomplete to-do lists. 

Hopefully by writing these hard truths down people will realise everyone lets the ball slip occasionally and that regardless of our best intentions, sometimes how we feel gets in the way, and that’s okay too. So if you like me have been sitting on ideas or have plans that have not come together as quick as you would like them to, then please take some degree of comfort in the fact that we all go through it. You might overhear that you are not driven if you are not working at something day in, day out, but I think sometimes things happen when they happen and that we should work when we feel is good and that recognising it is the first step to getting back on track.jbicon

Photos by Matthew Spade

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JOSEPH by the coast

JOSEPH by the coast

CDLP debrief

CDLP debrief