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JOSEPH by the coast

JOSEPH by the coast


The warmer seasons in England are unpredictable. We are too quick to escape to warmer climes that we forget to appreciate what lies in these shores. To celebrate spring summer ‘19, we took a trip to the English coastline and celebrate what we have close to home.


In paid partnership with JOSEPH FASHION Photography by Giovanni Corabi







Products pictured: I am wearing the MAWES COAT in navy. Sangiev is wearing the MAWES COAT in camel.






Products pictured above: I am wearing the ARMAND FEATHER DOUBLE CASHMERE COAT, SOFT WOOL KNIT in white and PLYMOUTH LINEN TROUSERS in sand. Right: Sangiev is wearing COTE AZUR LINEN BLAZER, PADSTOW SLUB TROUSERS, both in stone and LYOCELL JERSEY in black.







Products pictured: I am wearing the ARMAND FEATHER DOUBLE CASHMERE COAT, PERFECT TEE in white and PLYMOUTH LINEN TROUSERS in sand.





Products pictured: both Sangiev and myself are wearing the LYOCELL JERSEY and PADSTOW WOOL TROUSER both in navy.



Sometimes you are not in control of how things happen. A plan can be in place, an idea of how things will pan out in mind and then an environment or a situation can takeover. For JOSEPH spring summer ‘19, myself and Sangiev travelled to the Cornish coastline for three days where we were subject to what I can only describe as nature taking over. An adventure.

Relentless winds and high tides showed us just how extreme nature can be. It generated a rush, a childhood excitement and a feeling of we need to shoot now or we miss it. The plan that we had outlined was put – or rather thrown – to one side and adapting to the environment took over. There was a real rawness to what we were doing, capturing a moment and not being scrupulous, for the winds were too strong and trying to control the structure of the clothes or fuss over details was not possible. 

A twisted belt, an untucked shirt, a break of a trouser out of place. Factors we could not and did not try to rectify. The rush took over and I think there’s beauty in the imperfection and just being in that moment on the beach, rocks and hills and letting go.

With this new found spontaneity we opened ourselves up to new areas, driving on single lane roads and seeing what provoked intrigue. I think we had a new energy, almost playfulness to everything we were doing. And best of all, it was all shot on film. No back ups, no reviewing, just always moving forwards and having faith in what we were doing.

There was an anticipation to receiving these photos back and with hurling winds we expected the mood of them to be reckless and rushed, yet when we looked at them… idyllic blues, sand and earthy tones from the fields look calm and peaceful. Though there was a part of us that wanted us to convey the madness, maybe the real message is that there is reward for allowing yourselves to be taken in a direction you did not intend.

It might not have gone as expected, but the new path that was dictated to us is one I would go down again, if the elements lead us that way.jbicon

Photography by Giovanni Corabi


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Taking on too much?

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