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Blog post number one

Blog post number one


I've been wanting to do this for a while now. This is the first of many (I hope) blog posts


Since I’ve been involved with menswear I’ve always wanted to have my own blog and share my own personal style, but I’ve always given myself an excuse not to write one, whether that be because I’m just too busy, or simply because I didn’t think anybody would read it and found myself making a blog and then deleting it moments after. Well I hope this is the one that stays.

After months of looking into blogs, reading books about successful blogging and seeing if there was room for one more men's fashion and lifestyle blog on the internet, I've finally taken the plunge today.

Some people have a nice little story about how they got involved with fashion and where their interest came from, but to be honest I can’t remember mine. I know I’ve always been interested by fashion, although I must admit my wardrobe was truly awful when I was little, no thanks to my mum and her fondness for dressing me up in multi-coloured dungarees... thanks. To describe my style today I would say stylish (I hope), but discrete. Simple, but detailed well. Admittedly I don't really like my photo being taken, but with a section of this blog being about my style, it's time I got a friend to help me take some shots for upcoming outfit posts.

I’ve grown up following fashion, especially menswear, and it's only probably within the last two years that I’ve been more hands-on with it - currently being the Features Editor of PAUSE Online and contributing to Menswear Style - and being fortunate enough to attend fashion events such as LFW and LC:M. I now feel I’m more able to write about my own sense of style then I was before, and although I am only nineteen now, I feel more confident when it comes to talking fashion and knowing what I'm writing about.

The lifestyle side to this blog is going to include all the little trips I get up to and the things I’m doing in my life, a small journal so to speak. From weekend trips away, university rambles, attending events or simply letting you know about what music I'm currently listening to. 

 So, welcome to my blog and say hello. If you have a blog leave me your link below in the comments, I’d love to see what everyone else is blogging about. Let me know what you reckon to the website!

Also, make sure you take a look at the other three posts I've uploaded to the blog already. Let's see where takes us then...

T-shirt, trainers and trousers

T-shirt, trainers and trousers