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Early mornings

Early mornings


There’s a freedom that comes with skateboarding and being outside.


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In the mornings, Emily and myself will drive over to Coast, our favourite café in Dorset and enjoy pick me ups of coffee and fresh juice. We’ll scroll through Instagram and plan out our day before we head over to the beach with our Penny Skateboards.

During November the beach is relatively quiet, making it the ideal setting to skate, as it's still dry and crisp. When dissertation stress was at its peak, Emily got me my first board and I started to learn. Having travelled this summer and now not living down in Bournemouth, I was a little slow in picking it back up. I try and make it down every month or so, meaning another chance to get that extra bit of confidence. Taking the boards out is a thing we like to do together.

I’m using the 22” Paradise Penny and Emily has the slightly bigger 27” Pastel Mint board. It’s definitely harder skating on a smaller board so I don’t know why I’m making it more difficult for myself, but who doesn’t like a challenge? It’s all part of the fun…

The beach is where I feel most relaxed with Emily. Away from my laptop and phone, having the sea on one side and beach huts on the other

We spend so much time behind our laptops that it’s important to get outside before we start to tackle work. I find it hard to work in the morning up until late evening without being distracted or frustrated. Starting the day outside and having fun, instead of a morning torn between my bed and laptop is a real feel good thing. I’ll then get back, put the board down and get behind the desk feeling like I’ve already made something of my day before it’s started.

This post is sponsored by Penny Skateboards. However, the fun I have skateboarding and the cuts and bruises on my knees are all my own.

Backpack style with Eastpak

Backpack style with Eastpak

Menswear on Berwick Street

Menswear on Berwick Street