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Moochin' in Brighton

Moochin' in Brighton


Well what is better than a good mooch? Especially when it’s not in your own town and somewhere relatively new.











Last weekend I was down in Brighton visiting friends to get my beach fix and supposedly good weather. I left my laptop at home and with it, all responsibilities. If my inbox could talk, it was screaming at me by Monday. I wanted a weekend to chill out and just hang out with some friends as my head is currently juggling the launch of a new website and possible projects for the months ahead.

On my last day before heading back, we headed into Brighton where the first stop had to be Silo. I think we all needed that coffee fix – me especially. From there we just wandered and headed into some favourites. It’s good to kind of spend a few hours where you’re not following a list of places you must go-to and just – as the blog title suggests – mooch. 

For someone whose keeping one eye on where to move as I get older, Brighton has definitely made the shortlist.

Of course, there were a couple stores that drew us in. We went into Workshop Living for homeware goods and found some amazing Soh candles, Magazine Brighton for print reads where I left with the new issue of Lagom and Batch Coffee for that mid-afternoon energy hit. The last stop was Beyond Retro for a little bit of photobooth action at my consistent request! So worth it might I add.

It was only my second time in Brighton and I’m beginning to get the appeal. Close to the seaside, right next to the countryside and amazing independent stores and cafes opening up daily. You really get the feeling that people champion small businesses here. For someone whose keeping one eye on where to move as I get older, Brighton has definitely made the shortlist.

Thank you AaronBenjiSean and Poppy for being ace tour guides! jbicon


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