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Finding my style

Finding my style


It’s a difficult thing understanding your personal style. I find myself reusing words like simple, tailored and casual when trying to explain mine.



White half-zip jacket

Norse Projects

Niels grey towelling long sleeve


Herringbone Trousers


Helvetica 40mm watch



The crux to finding it is by trying new things, being brave and understanding what you feel comfortable in. Don’t get me wrong, finding it has taken a while and has seen me make my fair number of mistakes – ones that are better left unsaid.

In your early days you try things out, something you don’t normally wear. That’s how you learn. If you find yourself feeling good when wearing it, then you help find a little bit more about your personal style. If you don’t, well it’s a lesson learnt through regular impulse buys. But what’s comforting is that everyone, and I mean everyone, goes through this.

Seeing people own their personal style pushes me to test and refine my further.

Overtime I’ve learnt what works for me and what I can leave for others to appreciate. I know that the colours I tend to stick to are shades of grey, blues and blacks and I’m happy with that.

I also know that my go to outfit is a plain t-shirt, trousers and trainers. Though this may sound quite basic, I’ve found myself appreciating the finer details in an outfit, whether it’s a quality cotton, an interesting silhouette or its little touches. Just something that makes a grey sweatshirt more premium and a long sleeve that is not going to bobble and misshape.

I’m always learning different things about my style and appreciating new ways of wearing things and that’s down to the people I surround myself with. Seeing people own their personal style pushes me to test and refine my further.jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike


Shades of grey

Shades of grey

Twenty-two is old

Twenty-two is old