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London's Calling

London's Calling


The days behind the desk planning amount to a day out in London. Using the Skagen Falster Smartwatch, I'm sharing with you some more insight into what goes on during my shoot days.















White short sleeve shirt (similar)


Italian Seersucker trousers

Campbell Cole x olvh

'O' Tote (temporarily sold out)


Arizona Birko-Flor Nubuck Stone



For all the satisfaction I get in travelling across the country in order to create, I find myself naturally returning to London. Whether it is for meetings, press days or visiting the new store in town. With London prepped for the hottest day of the year (according to my watch), Natalie and myself headed down to the city to shoot some new work for the blog.

Like any trip, it’s important to utilise the time we have and on this occasion we had set ourselves the task of capturing three blog posts. This hopefully provides a slight insight into what goes on when we’re working. Armed with a mood board I had shared with Natalie and the new SKAGEN Falster smartwatch we headed down early from Leicester. 

Our first stop was Rosslyn Coffee. Although it’s a relatively small shop, what it sacrifices in space is made up in incredible light and staff that are always on hand for a chat. After a talk with James – co-founder of Rosslyn – we were free to capture a few images for my first blog post. I’ve wanted to talk about my time as a freelance so far and Rosslyn Coffee was the ideal backdrop to do so. Where possible I’ll always try and seek permission to shoot in public spaces and more often that not, people are happy to help and take real interest in what I do.

Photos done and coffee sipped; the next step was a quick change of clothes. With the weather showing us the first sign of spring and summer in one go, I swapped out my Folk long sleeve, with a poplin short sleeve shirt from Topman. I’ve always been conscious of finding the location of outfit posts prior to shooting, however following on from last week’s post and having some prior knowledge of the area, we went for a louche stroll across to Liverpool Street station before catching a train to meet a friend from the blogging community, Oliver Hooson. I knew there would be some good surfaces to work with and while walking around a quick vibration from the watch alerted me to a message from Oli to confirm our meet-up.

I met Oli at The Peanut Vendor in Bow to talk all about current projects, some of our favourite features on the SKAGEN Falster smartwatchand congratulate him on his collaboration with Campbell Cole, the ‘O’ Tote. I’ve mentioned this on plenty of occasions, but to stress again, it’s so important to balance out work and friendships. This time round, we were able to integrate both. The intention of the post is to share with you how my workdays are and part of that is meeting up with friends.

With the knowledge that we pretty much achieved everything we needed, we walked through Victoria Park (all tracked by the step counter in the watch)before continuing on to Broadway Market. Then rather millennial of me, I had the ability to order an Uber from my wrist as we parted ways with Oli to make the journey back to Leicester. 

And a final couple of words on the SKAGEN Falster smartwatch. It’s a really interesting piece of technology. I found myself checking the weather the day before on the watch and receiving notifications throughout the day from all of my most used apps. It helps you keep up-to date while allowing you the freedom to continue with your day and not have to reach for your phone.I’m all for technology when it advances how you go about your day andI think SKAGEN has shown us how it can be done without hassle and allow us to interact with our watches more intrinsically.jbicon

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post is a paid sponsorship with SKAGEN and part of an on-going partnership using their Falster smartwatch. If you made it this far you might be interested in learning that I think this is arguably one of my best blog posts to date. It's always important to reflect on these moments. 


A timeless classic

A timeless classic