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Details are paramount for myself. Where trousers break on my shoes, how loose a jacket hangs off my shoulders and more recently, the use of the tuck-in to complete my outfit.






Suede blouson jacket (similar)

JOSEPH Fashion

Lyocell jersey top (similar shade)

Acne Studios

Pleated straight leg pinstripe trousers (sold out)

Raf Simons x Adidas Originals

Stan Smith leather sneakers



I’m the first to admit that when it comes to style, I’m a simple Simon. I keep things very basic on here. No extreme patterns or big strides left or right out of what I’m used to (now that I know what I’m used to), but instead sourcing well-made menswear. I feel my experimentation stage either happened in my head or pre sixth form and thankfully that wasn’t photographed much.

Trends come and go… mostly all go over my head, but the tuck-in is one I’ve been drawn in to. It’s something that just feels right doing and almost completes my look when getting ready. It almost happens as subconsciously as checking I’ve got my phone before I leave the house. I think my style now leans more towards formal on the scale of street to formal and the tuck-in is another step in that direction. I tried it once, I liked it and that was that. Once something I’d reluctantly do on the school playground, I’m now actively remembering to do or risk feeling not ready.

Perhaps it’s a sign of myself getting older, but I believe it leaves my rather simple outfits more polished. It’s sometimes the difference between having to wear a belt or not and when I can get away without wearing the former, I won’t.


Sometimes I feel menswear has too many rules… tuck when you’re doing this, un-tuck for this occasion, if you’re wearing x and y then definitely tuck. Add another layer on top of this when body shapes start being discussed. What about tucking or un-tucking based on preference and not construct?

I simply like to tuck my top or jumper as I feel it leaves an outfit looking cleaner in my opinion. It’s details like a tuck-in or a turn-up that people have to go looking for. My outfit will never scream: stylish, sartorial or eye-catching, but for those that might take an interest, details soon appear.

On this occasion it was a case of wearing my Acne Studio trousers with a long sleeve from JOSEPH Fashion. But I’ve also tried it with crew neck jumpers and roll necks as well. I think for the most part I’ve been wearing various iterations of the same outfit in different blog posts and the words have focused on different elements. Last time out it was about trousers, this time it was about how I wear said trousers and next time I think I should dedicate a few words to white trainers.jbicon

Photography by Joe Galvin


Grooming for guys

Grooming for guys

My enjoyment in wearing trousers

My enjoyment in wearing trousers