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My enjoyment in wearing trousers

My enjoyment in wearing trousers


Style rules are fading quicker than you can keep up with them. Dress codes and expectations in menswear are changing, none more so than trousers, the menswear staple.







You Must Create - YMC

Navy zip jacket (similar)

Hardy Amies

Charcoal merino wool crew neck

Mr P.

Pleated wool and cotton-blend twill trousers

Common Projects

Original achilles leather sneakers



Trousers have taken over my wardrobe. Most of it is dedicated to trousers, leaving just a small section for denim and cords. Jeans has taken a back step in my outfits recently as I generally only wear them when a) going out (black slim jeans) or b) for a slightly cooler day in the summer, when I’ll wear my Levi’s 501.

I feel at ease wearing trousers or loungewear if I’m at home, I can’t be wasting good trousers around the house. They almost feel like cheating for me. It’s an easy look to put together without it looking too easy; ‘effortless’ is the on-trend word I think. A long sleeve t-shirt or sweatshirt, a pair of trousers and then simple trainers and you’re good to go with very minimal effort. This combination is now instinctive when I leave the house and it’s something that appeases both being comfortable for the whole day and being presentable for meetings. Plus, nothing fits the I’m a creative uniform mould more than trainers and trousers, especially when the trainers are the entrepreneur Common Projects shoe.

As for which colours I stick to, regular readers will know that the answer is navy and grey. The fit generally stays the same, which is straight leg, but avoiding them looking too wide on my skinny legs.

I don’t even know when this transition in my style happened. I feel I was a religious skinny jeans guy, but I slowly transitioned out of that and into more relaxed fits, which is where the 501s come in handy. After that, trousers stepped up to the plate.

Even in the slightly warmer months I have a pair of seersucker trousers that see me through most of the British summer without having to wear shorts, but I’m guessing a linen pair wouldn’t go a miss. Anything to avoid shorts is a bonus in my books.

Trousers are my hero item of any outfit because once you find a pair that fits you right and feels great, the rest is easy. I could’ve written this much sooner and now we’ve got to the point where it’s pretty obvious what I like wearing on here. This pair in particular is from Mr P., a casual trouser that’s relatively lightweight and ideal for the upcoming transitional season as we edge (albeit very slowly) to warmer weather. Worn with a crewneck from Hardy Amies and jacket from YMC, it’s something I’m wearing for every outing. Today it’s for a day of meetings, tomorrow it could be my uniform for working from a café and then the weekend it could be dinner. Next week I’ll be talking even more about trousers, but this time on the subject of tucking in your tees.jbicon

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading




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