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We Built This City Christmas Gift Inspiration

We Built This City Christmas Gift Inspiration


You’re probably reading this post with a number of bookmarks full of gift ideas for friends and family (hopefully) in preparation for Christmas.  I’ve come across a store where I kind of just want to buy gifts for myself...


We Built This City is a pop-up shop on Carnaby Street that sells gifts shouting London and creativity. Londoners you’re in for a treat. With gifts made by home-grown artists and DIY gift makers, there’s plenty of inspiration of what to buy this year that might trigger some more gift ideas.

I know I’m supposed to be shopping for others, but prints are on the top of my own wish list and I think they make for great presents. Maybe finding out their favourite artist if they have one, or maybe making a judgement call by what they already have in their room.

I’m a sucker for a candle recently and the Earl Of East candles in We Built This City would make for a nice stocking filler. A couple personal candle tips if you’re buying them for guys is to keep to a candle wax that is neutral looking and ones that aren’t too harsh.

My next gift comes in the shape of books. I’ve never been the biggest reader, shameful I know, however I always seem to be able to make an excuse up for 

myself as to why I don’t have the time. However for Christmas I think quick easy reads that isn’t fictional, but more fun and hobby related. For example, next year I plan to travel so I think some form of travel guidebook might be a cool thing to receive. We Built This City have a collection of books from the Hoxton Mini Press that focus around East London.

Then one more recommendation I have for Christmas presents is cool stationary. I’m not talking bic pens and standard notepads, but something with a quirk to it. It might have their name on it or a nice little motif or leather cover, just something that’s more personal to them rather than the standard stationary gear we all get when it nears a new term.

These are just a few gift ideas you might want to look into before it gets to Christmas Eve and you get into a panic and end up buying perfume for mum and socks for dad. What’re you getting your friends for Christmas this year?



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