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Snapshots #2


Another London trip, coffee shop runs and some much needed time by the beach...


1. I've been trying to take some more outfit shots for the feed and when walking around London, I can't pass up a good wall. I'm not the only one, isn't that right Matthew Pike?

2. I made sure when I was in London the other week, I'd stop by the Realm & Empire pop-up store in Seven Dials. It's in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum and it's definitely worth visiting. Next stop WWI.

3. Continuing my partnership with Hook LDN, this months photo took place in my favourite coffee spot, South Coast Roast.

4. Nothing better than spotting a good old fashion classic car. Again, Matthew Pike knows the score.

5. Last weekend was a case of getting in the car and doing a little bit of exploring around Dorset. It's amazing what a filter can do to make the weather look nice.

6. If you haven't visited the New Forest yet, it's definitely something you should do when you want to escape and get away from things. I did a post on the New Forest just the other week!

7. In my last year of university I'm working on a big project around manufacturing and menswear in Britain. I talked to the guys at Percival on Berwick Street, Soho.

8. And with it being my last year, it means I can't skip a trip to the beach.

9. I wish I could say I poured this, but it was a coffee from Coast. The place that makes me feel very uncool (in a good way).

Navy London Strolls

Navy London Strolls

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