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Do not be that person who isn’t prepared for the upcoming season. Wet weather is on its way and I definitely got a preview of this on my trip to Glasgow. Here’s how I embraced the conditions.





Elka Regntoej

Unisex rain jacket (similar)


Essential sweatshirt

Oliver Spencer

Navy pinstripe trouser (similar)

Hunter Boots

Black rubberised backpack



As the title suggests, Scotland lived up to its reputation of being notoriously rainy. We were hit with an additional two blows: one was that Storm Ali was on its way and two, everyone was kind enough to mention that if we visited a couple weeks earlier it was glorious sunshine.

Regardless, we knew what we were in for when we looked at the forecast and I was going to do my best to ensure I was well equipped and remain dry for my Glasgow visit. I’m currently without an umbrella due to leaving it on the train the other week, so any coat without a hood was ruled out and left a clear winner. This Elka Regntoej rain jacket came into my possession via Liquor Store Clothing in Birmingham back when I first started this blog and I felt just as fortunate to have it in my wardrobe last week when packing as I did when I first received it. The PVC mid length coat was the perfect companion to combat three days of rain and I’m pretty smug in telling you it did the job. 

And for every trip away, you need a bag. The usual tote sidearm wasn’t going to suffice so instead I chose a backpack made by Hunter Boots. Constructed from rubberised leather I knew my camera and other items would remain dry and I could rack up the step count without wondering if my camera would be okay on the other side.

All I needed were a pair of fisherman waders and I’d have been well on my way. Alas, I don’t own any (yet), so instead I turned to Form&Thread for my top half and Oliver Spencer for my trousers. F&T focus just on essentials – it’s not called the essential sweatshirt for nothing – so I knew I was in good hands (n.b. if you’re nearby London Form&Thread will be opening up a store next month at the highly anticipated retail space, Coal Drops Yard) and with its loopback construction I was warm enough without the need for additional layers. As for Oliver Spencer, they’ve been producing pieces for comfort and style year on year and these pair of trousers were one of my first conservative purchases when I first evaluated how I shopped a couple years ago. I haven’t looked back and a quick visit to their updated Berwick Store on Friday makes them a shoe-in for my next trouser purchase.

It’s just a quick outfit post from me today to show how you can walk through the bad weather that’s inevitably on the horizon, without the need for an umbrella or going from awning to awning. I’ll be sharing where I visited on my Glasgow trip next Monday, see you then!jbicon

Photography by Matthew Spade


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