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Changing seasons

Changing seasons


This year a new season brings with it a new coat. Existing pieces meet new as I start to discuss dressing for the season and enjoying the benefits of a uniform wardrobe.












Blocktech single breasted coat


Navy long sleeve t-shirt

Mr P.

Navy worsted wool trousers

Wood Wood

Khaki bum bag (similar)



Often I like to keep blog posts singular and unlinked, but I just want to acknowledge the fact that I’ve gone from being on a yacht to talking about coats. Yes we’ve hit September, but with it come three positives: we can contemplate layering again, we’re free of school children 9am-3pm and thirdly, my new coat.

This coat found its way to me through doing a shoot for Uniqlo a couple weeks ago with my friend Lauren (images coming soon) and since then, I haven’t taken it off. It’s from Uniqlo’s blocktech range meaning it is both waterproof and windproof, making it pretty much perfect for September. It falls just below the knee, super spacious and has an interesting silhouette both buttoned or unbuttoned.

Underneath my new coat, a double navy combination was in order. A deep navy t-shirt by Stockholm based brand Asket is one of my favourites and it ticks all the boxes for me. Fitted, but not tight, uses a heavyweight cotton and after a few washes still retains its shape. With their fair pricing structure and transparent approach, they are one of my ‘go-to’ brands. My trousers of choice were an equally brilliant navy pair by Mr P.. Though MR PORTER’s own brand continues to release new pieces - see their new in - they don’t leave behind their old collections. These trousers are just as good as the first time I wore them.

To break up head-to-toe navy - which is absolutely not a bad thing – underneath my coat I turned to a trend that I can get on board with. No I’m not referring to dad trainers, but cross-body bum bags. If I can get away with not having anything in my pockets, then I will. So inside I’ll usually keep: a phone, cardholder and a spare battery.  

I took these photos with Hannah while down in London and now I usually slip on my Common Projects without thinking. I really like how I’ve eliminated other choices, but at the same time I feel like I’ve neglected pairs of a similar ilk. My Raf Simons have not been worn in a while and though I really enjoy them, I feel like they could be worn a lot more by someone else. This kind of thinking is something that happens for most during September. As the season begins to change, people begin to reflect on their wardrobe and what we do and do not wear. 

With my wardrobe refined from previous months and a new coat to give me a spring in my colder weather dressing, I think I’m prepared for this season. Ready to utilise layering again using 90% of my existing wardrobe and a couple of new pieces to keep me on my toes, I’m sure I will come out the other side unscathed.jbicon

Photography by Hannah Louise F




Grooming heroes

Grooming heroes