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Beach Days Are Over

Beach Days Are Over


It’s pretty scary how quickly the three years have gone, but it’s now time to say goodbye to university and daily beach trips. I’ve been used to packing and unpacking during the holidays and now it's time to pack up one the last time. So long Bournemouth!


I’ve taken for granted living in Bournemouth. Being able to be at the beach soon after sending a “fancy going to the beach?” text is truly one of the best things ever.

My final year has seen me frequent to the beach more times than the previous two put together as I think something clicked that made me realise where I was living. It’s the perfect place to go chill out and switch off. I'll read a magazine, listen to music and resist the temptation to nap.

Living down south and being by the beach has found wearing sunglasses become the norm. Even if it isn’t sunny, the general consensus is that you’re okay to wear shades when you’re in close proximity to the beach. I’ve got a few pairs to my name, but my latest ones are from Hook LDN. You may have found myself late last year posting about Hook LDN quite a bit and I guess that goes to prove how much I wear sunglasses these days.

This particular pair is perfect for my kind of face shape and I’ll just put them in my bag before I head out the door. For some reason I don’t think walking around my little town in Leicestershire in shades on an overcast day will have the same acceptance.

I don’t know what I’ll miss more when I head back home, the beach (aka wearing sunglasses every day), my flat or the university lifestyle. I’m sure many people my age are feeling the same right now, but it’s time to grow up and realise that I can’t stay young and unemployed forever.

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