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Grooming heroes

Grooming heroes


For this blog post I've reached under the bed for my box where I keep all my samples in to highlight five key products that I feel will help improve your grooming routine.




Shiseido Men

Essential Energy Day Cream SPF20 and Cleansing foam


Hydra beauty micro serum



Serums and moisturisers, cleansers and scrubs… liquid essence. All terms I’ve been wrapping my freshly groomed face around morning and night. I’m continuing to learn more about men’s grooming and I feel like I’m making strides.

The past few weeks I’m trying to use as many different products and brands as possible in order to see what works and what doesn’t. I have my ‘checklist’ of what I look out for: branding, how easy it is to use, effectiveness and today I thought I would highlight five products that I’ve really got on with and would have no hesitation in recommending to you. It’s definitely worth noting though that everyone’s skin and preference is different – you might not care for branding – but this is what I’ve been enjoying overall.

Let’s start small with the Le Labo lip balm. Easy enough to carry everywhere with you, you really have no excuse. I’ll often apply it just before going to bed and they feel ten times better in the morning. I feel like lip balm is something that people pass on, but using it makes such a difference.

Then waking up and making my way into the bathroom (with no dry lips might I add), I want to champion three products for your face. I am using a couple more, but I feel these are core, whereas the others feel like something I could get away with not using.

The Shiseido cleansing foam feels great on the skin, produces a satisfying lather and leaves an even more satisfying matte feeling. I’ve then been using a toner and Chanel Liquid essence, however I feel the Chanel micro serum is giving me the most rewarding and hydrating feeling. It adds another extra layer of moisture that my dry skin often needs. Then back to Shiseido I’ll use the daily SPF moisturiser. If you’ve already done your research then using SPF for your face regardless of sun or no sun is old news to you. It is super helpful in keeping your skin feeling youthful and your older self will thank you later.

I think with short hair you can get away with most products, but my last hero product comes from Baxter of California. I’ve been using the clay pomade since I was introduced to the brand a couple weeks ago and for short hair it offers hold, movement and low shine. Again, this product achieves what I’m after, but if you prefer a high shine you’d want to go down the gel route.

There we have it, five products to add to your vanity cabinet that I feel will make a positive impact to your grooming routine. Something for your lips, a couple for your face and a styling product to finish up. If you have any questions about a specific product, you know you can always message me on Twitter, Instagram or by email.jbicon


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