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Chasing winter light

Chasing winter light


Sometimes it's good to just step out wearing simple reliable pieces that you feel at ease in and forget about intricate layers and technical details... for once.






Beams Japan (similar)

Off-white beanie

Weekday Stores

Dark green rock jumper


Dark navy 874 workpant

Paul Smith Design

Levon sneaker



We probably got here a little after 3pm where my nose was going slightly red and the tips of my fingers definitely red. It was a day spent in London with Joe again to shoot some content together and the winter light that had been promising all day, was creeping away from us. Hold on in there though, we’re edging closer to post 4 o’ clock sunlight!

I remember walking past this building a couple months ago knowing that I wanted to shoot here. There’s so many textures going on and mix of materials, making it far more appealing than a plain wall. I’m going to try and embrace more worthy buildings this year, but first I’ve got to find them.

My last outfit of the day was one that’d be seeing me right though until the end of the day with an evening catch up on the cards. It was pretty relaxed while being drink appropriate for Joe’s local south of the river. On my head and torso, the theme was ribbed, albeit unplanned. Wearing a beanie I’ve worn relentlessly, the ribbed knit is continued with the extended rib sleeve jumper from Weekday (via Zalando). Its dark khaki shade goes well with my staples of grey and in this case, navy. On the fit scale, this is probably on the oversized side and is probably as ‘street’ as I get. No prints or ugly trainers will be featuring on here, just discreet details that I obsess over and enjoy.

Continuing the focus on how my outfit fits, I’ve veered pretty much completely away from slim and skinny in the trouser department. I want a trouser that’s straight, but not extremely wide and that can be quite difficult when you’re not 6ft plus. The 874 workpant from Dickies pants have answered the call and even holds a strong pleat. They’ll even work well as the months get warmer, as I’m picturing them with Birkenstocks and a Cuban collared shirt.

But for now, it’s thick twill socks, Paul Smith trainers and a rush to finish up before the sun sets. Working throughout winter can cause it’s fair share of problems, but it only makes me excited to make the most of the months when the light stays out for longer.jbicon

Photography by Joseph Galvin

This post is sponsored by Zalando. You can find more style advice from myself over on the Zalando cities guide as I explain what London style is to me.



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