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Airport attire has to be comfortable, but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. On the rooftop before check-out, I share my departures outfit which offers up some small styling differences to upgrade this on the surface normal look.






Whistles Men

Chunky grey roll neck

Natural Selection London

Navy boxer chino

Common Projects

Achilles Retro Leather Sneakers

SKAGEN Denmark

Hybrid Smartwatch



Fifteen minutes before leaving for the airport to head back from my trip Copenhagen, I stole a brief moment to take some photos on the hotel rooftop. Yes CPH studio hotel has a rooftop! With the flight in mind, this outfit is airport focused with a shake-up… I think (it has to be comfort first when flying).

During the winter I have two or three roll necks in rotation. This one in particular is the oldest of the three. It’s from Whistles’ AW16 collection which overtime has accumulated a little bobble, but still a great piece nonetheless. It has a satisfying thickness and feel to it. I’ve also started to unroll the neck, that at times adds some interesting shape, as well as a new lease of life into an older piece.

Shape is something I’ve been more conscious of lately. I’m always considering how a piece feels and looks, but now I also factor in the overall shape of my outfit. You might have seen these trousers from an earlier post this month. My Natural Selection London trousers are probably the straightest ones I own. Being a little big on the waist, rather than wearing a belt, I’ve found tucking in a thick knitwear piece works just as well.

The end look is a little less ordinary with a tuck-in and a high neck, while still being airport appropriate aka comfortable. I even opted to wearing my watch over the top of my jumper, something I probably subconsciously took from Brittany.

I feel this last paragraph could write itself. It’s another ode to my white trainers. Nine times out of ten I’m wearing some form of non-descript footwear. I feel like it’s a bit of a signature. They go with everything I own. I like that I’ve got to the point where I’m not even thinking what I’m putting on my feet as I step out the house. Laziness or efficient?

Like I said, we only had fifteen minutes to work with, but I didn’t want to pass on the rooftop and share a couple styling tweaks that turns an ordinary everyday outfit into something worth talking about.jbicon

Photography by Brittany Bathgate


Chasing winter light

Chasing winter light

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