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Creating a bedroom workspace

Creating a bedroom workspace


September is pretty much over and what a busy one it’s been. A trip to Leeds, visits to London for meetings and a website relaunch has seen me rack up my train miles and screen time.







Trying to create a space that accommodates work and relaxation is difficult. I've partnered with Homesense to improve my bedroom and help conceive a space for both.



I’ve been working away this month ahead of my trip to New York (which I’m now on) in order to get everything completed, signed off and scheduled. My bedroom is where I spend doing all of this, something I know many people advise against. My bedroom/workspace is circumstantial and although wellbeing experts will tell you to separate the two, I’m afraid I can’t do that yet! So, in order to make what I have work for me, it is important to create a space that I’m happy with.

When I came back from university I started the process, albeit very slowly, of changing my room from sixth form retreat to a room I’d enjoy being in. I wanted a space that felt more like me because it’s not just a room that I crash in after coming home from work, it’s the same space I write in, edit in, relax in and sleep.

The ongoing task of completing my bedroom took a big step with Homesense this month. As a student, Homesense was at the top of my list when I needed something. With Homesense and TX Maxx being part of the same family, when you see something, you kind of need to just get it. There’s a mix of brands in there, some you’ll have heard of and others you won’t have, but to be honest I often go by design and quality first before worrying about the brand.

Of late, when I’ve been adding pieces to my room, I’m thinking in the back of my mind items that I can take

with me to my future flat, so things that’ll be not only nice on the eye, but practical for my workflow and when I switch off in the evenings. For me, whatever you bring into your life, you should be able to enjoy and justify.

The brown table is a temporary home for my hats before they get hung on the wall. After that, it’ll become a spot for everything I grab for as I leave the house: keys, camera, cardholder and (with a little bit of luck) sunglasses. On the end of my bed is a poof. I’ve found myself sat here when I need to think and flick through magazines. The bed itself was vamped up with some new grey bedding and pillows, which the ‘dark-themed Instagram’ in me greatly approved of.

Then there’s a couple more simple and inexpensive ways to refresh a room, with top of the list being a candle. My room is currently a cinnamon scented haven. Also in and around my desk I now have a desk organiser to free up space and tidy up my stationary and a terrarium to sit at the end of my shelf that I need to find a small plant for.

I think my room is pretty much there in terms of how I want it to be. There are enough elements that make it relaxing when I need to finish working (although room for a double bed wouldn’t go a miss), as well as items that keep my workspace and workflow productive and clutter free.jbicon

Photography by Natalie Jade Reading

This post is sponsored by Homesense. But come on, who wouldn't want to work with Homesense? All views on their products are definitely my own. You can find your nearest store here.


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