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Old and new with Timex

Old and new with Timex


Sometimes you have to look at things from a different perspective in order to gain true appreciation










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Collaboration, brainstorming and planning is such an important aspect of my job. For me, enjoyment comes from seeing an idea and concept come together so well it appears effortless. Timex, a brand I wear on my wrist most days, are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of their Easy Reader collection. They keep things simple and that’s one of the reasons I enjoy working with the brand; their timepieces are always considered, sleek and purveyors of quality.

The anniversary watch carries with it a history and distinct design, as well as new features such as a horween leather strap, INDIGLO® dial and case detailing. Essentially, classic details and new functions coming together within a watch. Thinking back to what cities we felt married old and new together so well, only one came to the forefront. A few days later, we were in Edinburgh.

Edinburgh, for us, is synonymous with the heritage of the Easy Reader watch, but in city form. Pull in at Waverley and you’re hit with the historic views of the city, but in and amongst the old stone there are businesses and areas of the city that are keeping Edinburgh in touch and ahead with everything new.

We started off in Edinburgh’s newest coffee shop, Hyde and Son, a reflection of the new direction happening in pockets of the city. It’s modern, light and bright, with pastel greens and soft pinks for its four walls. It served up a good filter for what would start off our day that took us through the Old Town and over to a new area of Edinburgh called the Quarter Mile. The walk over was seamless on the eye, with the city having a unique ability to sew, not jut, old and new together.downicon












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Achilles Low in white



Though Edinburgh may find it tough to shake the traditional outlook it might give off to its visitors, with a quick search, places like Söderberg appear. The Scandinavian café has thrived in the city and is one example of how new start-ups are succeeding in Edinburgh.

Cairngorm Coffee is another café that’s harbouring creatives in Edinburgh. We met up with local photographer Murray – coincidentally wearing a Timex watch – to show us another side of the city. We wandered through Stockbridge (read: go visit Aesop, Dick’s and The Method) to get to the Royal Botanic Gardens. Although Edinburgh has plenty to look at in terms of design, its gardens are also worth visiting if like me, Haarkon are always inspiring you. Last on our


list was a visit to the National Museum of Scotland – but not before food at Checkpoint around the corner – that houses both history and more modern exhibitions under one roof. We found ourselves appreciating both sections for different reasons.

Our whistle-stop visit to Edinburgh was an insightful one. It wasn’t until I started thinking about Timex's concept of marrying old and new together, had I realised just how much was going on in Edinburgh. A place which I’m sure next time I go will have a new café to eat at, a new coffee hangout to drink at and a different road to walk down.jbicon

The Easy Reader 40th Anniversary Edition is now available online RRP £69.99.

Photography by Matthew Pike (p.s thank you Murray for snapping the shot of the two of us together) 

This post is sponsored by Timex. However, my enjoyment of all things Timex, their simple watches and Edinburgh are my own.


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