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Making time

Making time


Sometimes it's important to make time to take a step away from the fast lane of blogging. Well, on this day, I did exactly that. No motive, no places to be, just a day out with friends and away from work deadlines.






London always welcomes me with open arms. The rather short journey into St. Pancras International from Leicester means that most of the time I can do what I need to in just one day and find myself back home before the day is over.

There are occasions though were I spread my trip across two or three days. Things become less rushed, meetings become more flexible and time is freed up to see friends. This time round, I stayed in an AirBnB in East London to hangout with Mat and Brittany.

Chilled out days in London, meant for a lighter bag. I opted for The Cambridge Satchel Company Folio backpack and kept my camera out on my shoulder the day. It’s slim, sleek - thanks to its Putty colourway - and although it fits everything I want to carry around, it removes unnecessary bulk.

The brand was one of the first to have a conversation with me when I first started the blog and through that initial chat I found out I was closer to the brand than I first thought. Their bags, satchels and accessories are handmade on my doorstep in Leicestershire. I can definitely vouch for their laptop case, something I haven’t travelled without for over a year now.

The three of us headed to Marylebone to head into a few stores that I wanted to check out. First up was a pit stop at Monocle Café to pick up a coffee-to-go and head down side streets that we normally miss due to rushing about and ignoring because of the impending next meeting.downicon








Ollie cap (similar)

Hardy Amies

Four picket cotton field jacket

Whistles Men

Herringbone trousers

The Cambridge Satchel Co.

Folio backpack in Saffiano Leather



I think I’ve touched on it before, but it’s so important to find balance with your work. With all three of us in the same industry we very rarely get the chance to all hangout at the same time. All of us are working on different projects at different times, but a quick group chat meant that we blocked out a day where we could take things a little slower.

While in the neighbourhood I wanted to go into Daunt books on Marylebone High Street. It's a spot I’ve been eyeing up for some time now and an absolute haven for those looking for that book. Then continuing with the taking it slow theme, we made a pit stop outside Aēsop… P.s A store will always get plus points for an outside bench. It played host to our conversations that involved on going work, projects, Instagram and the rest.

Our last stop on the BBB tour (Buckets-Bathgate-Bunker) was Somerset House. We were weaving in and out the wings of Somerset House and particularly found ourselves attracted to the Nelson Stair.

Of late, I’ve found myself attracted to sites such as Somerset House and being fascinated by the intricate details of the building rather than the contents it’s housing. So the sharp lines, carvings and mix of textures particularly draw my eye.

For me, it’s important to cherish time spent with those whose company you value and to a wider extent, focus on quality and simplicity in isolation. Having a day that allows you to immerse yourself in one activity and having the quality tools that allow you to do it, such as The Cambridge Satchel Company bag I had with me for the day and their focus on British craftsmanship. When you can, allow yourself time to take the scenic route and take photos of what feels natural and right. These moments recharge you for those days when you cannot take such luxuries.jbicon

Photography by Matthew Pike and Brittany Bathgate.

This post is sponsored by The Cambridge Satchel Company. Thank you for putting your faith in me since the start.


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