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Going further...

Going further...


Sometimes, briefs are there for interpretation. It's interesting to see where and how far they can take you. Welcome to Copenhagen.





Studio Nicholson

Maselli coat in tobacco

A.P.C (sold out)

Steven quilted shell gilet

Campbell Cole

Simple coin pouch in chalk

Mr P.

Pleated Wool And Cotton-Blend Twill Trousers



There are cities that you are instantly attracted to. Copenhagen, for me, wasn’t one of them. My first trip was underwhelming, my second was much more positive and then last week’s visit made it my third. Each time it’s offered me something different and overtime I’ve grown to appreciate its qualities.

This time round I was in Copenhagen with Brittany, with our purpose being to shoot a project for Omega. Brit gave me the call-up to be behind the lens, something that I was very flattered to say yes to. Most conversations recently have been about pushing the limits of our content, not settling for what is deemed as okay and going beyond expectation. Instead of somewhere close to home, a short trip to Copenhagen was our ‘going further’.

We did face a couple obstacles here and there: unrelenting wind, ‘feels like’ temperatures of -6c and limited light, but I think we managed to get plenty that worked. There’s satisfaction in putting in the time to do research into locations and moodboards and then achieving what you set out to capture, but not without our fair share of caveats along the way, my camera sometimes decided not to focus while taking a hit from the wind.

Brittany will be sharing the final content on her Instagram soon. I enjoy taking photos for others and being able to collaborate; consider other people’s styles, as well as my own in order to produce final photos that work for both.downicon







With work done, we even had time to visit some new spots. The Corner Room next to 108 delivered on satisfying my Danish pastry cravings, Bæst know their pizzas inside out and then away from food the Glyptoteket was my tourist fix. Also a special mention for the beautiful Frama CPH is needed. A bespoke showroom that I’m sure all interior fans would enjoy.

Three trips in and Copenhagen has slowly grown on me. It’s shown more of itself to me each time and now I’ve grown to enjoy it. I think preconceptions of places can overshadow ones ability to enjoy somewhere for what it is, but when you can begin to peel away what you thought you wanted from a place and instead embrace moments, travel becomes more rewarding.

Reflecting specifically on Copenhagen, I enjoy the slow pace to life that people seem to adopt during the winter months. There’s no sense of urgency, only satisfaction in being in one place at a time. In Denmark there seems to be a real focus on quality and presentation. Each place considers the smaller elements other countries wouldn’t. There’s also the contrast of modern architecture with the burnt orange and cool blue buildings that present plenty of opportunities from a photo point of view.

This year I want to be open to more travel. Being set a brief and visiting new countries in order to find the right setting..jbicon