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Taking on too much?

Taking on too much?


At some point we all want to do better, achieve more and make the most of our careers, yet there are times where you feel you are always playing catch-up. Truth be told, I feel that is where I am now.






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This year I have found myself with two very enjoyable jobs. Learning how to switch between roles has been new for me and so I have found myself doing a little bit of juggling. I get a lot out of it and I enjoy having people to regularly check-in with, something I didn’t have while just working by myself. It has provided security and consistency. When one is quiet, the other job jumps into its place, but at the minute I am finding myself not hitting the mark of where I want to be.

In an ideal world I want to be staying on top of my new role, sharing blog posts weekly, have newsletters go out on time (newsletter subscribers, I’m sorry) and keep Instagram ticking over as much as the next person. 

Work has been busy on both sides of the coin and it is not somewhere I thought I would be with my own work and the new role. To manage both I feel like excellent timing, efficiency while working (that means no constant phone checking) and good amounts of sleep are all needed. Guaranteed every Sunday I see the sleep thing slip. Game of Thrones I blame you. Every evening I will be in the shower and I think to myself right tomorrow is the day I get loads done and then the following evening I am giving myself the same pep talk.

What’s strange is that the more work I have to do, I have a tendency to procrastinate. It’s almost as if I do not know where to begin and therefore nothing gets started. I have spoken about my not so ideal work environment a lot but just getting on with it, yet maybe this is more important then I think. I’ve always been a believer of if you have work to do, you’ll do it, but sometimes being on your own you just don’t and I have no explanation as to why that is now happening to me. I’m even ignoring my own to-do lists! I have the immense privilege to work from home and be flexible, so while that might mean taking a day off in the week, that also means being at my desk on a Sunday evening during Bank Holiday and worrying about what I need to finish before going to sleep.

As of tomorrow I will be going away on the first of three trips this month and I am slightly worried about not keeping up. Not staying on top of two inboxes, not getting blog posts out, letting people down that I know are waiting on a response. That is why I’m writing this on a Sunday to tick another thing off.

Last night I was listening to a podcast and the guests talked about Gen-Z setting their sights on really ambitious career paths, yet their work effort not reflecting where they want to be. I can definitely resonate with this and I slowly need to claw myself out of a leisurely work mode and get on top of being focused and get things done each day. So if you have been reading this blog post and feel like you have gone through the same, please do impart your wisdom with me. Perhaps it is a self-discipline audiobook or podcast that turned things around for you, I am all ears.

This post might be a touch self-indulgent, but I think they’ll be others reading this that put pressure on themselves to achieve a lot and in-turn achieve very little. Do not worry, you will get to where you want to be, but it might not just be as plain sailing as you originally first thought.jbicon

Photography by Matthew Spade


GANT in Lisbon

GANT in Lisbon

JOSEPH by the coast

JOSEPH by the coast