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Grooming unbottled

Grooming unbottled


Six products that have all nearly squeezed, sprayed and scooped their last millilitres. A few words on each and my verdict as to whether you should test them out yourself.




Vitruvian Man

Anti-pollution cleanser & toner

Le Labo Fragrances

Shea butter lip balm


Hyrda beauty liquid essence

Molton Brown

Russian leather EDT


My bathroom shelf is going to be left looking quite depleted in a week or so as most of daily grooming products are close to empty. I thought it was the apt time to do another ‘grooming unbottled’ and part judgement on what I have been using of late.

Ever since I shaved my hair last summer, my need for hair products have been significantly reduced. My hair in between cuts requires very little maintenance and therefore very little product is needed. Since opting for shorter hair I have been using the Baxter of California clay pomade (60ml, £20). It provides quite a firm hold and a matte finish. I often prefer a matte finish, but on the odd time where I want to add some shine, I have been reaching for MR SMITH shaper (£80ml, £28). Back to Baxter of California I would say it’s a great product for short hair and I have no doubt it would hold most short to medium hair styles well. It takes a little longer than normal to wash off from my hands than other pomades, but that is a small point. The pomade is something I would look to rebuy as I know it performs well and would last for the best part of six months considering my hair length. 

Staying with Baxter of California, I have also been using their facial scrub (120ml, £17). It is a product I would advice to only use once a week as you want to give time for your skin cells to regenerate. When you do use it though, be prepared for your skin to feel great after! I also can’t put my finger on it as to what it is, but it smells absolutely amazing. Considering how much I enjoy using it on that one occasion in the week, this is definitely something I would welcome back. For the other six days in the week where I haven’t been using the Baxter of California scrub, I have been testing the Vitruvian Man anti-pollution cleanser and toner (100ml, £28). I worked with the brand last year and have continued to use the product since. Having sat down with the founder of the brand I know how much thought has gone into the product and coupled with the smell of ginger it is a non-obtrusive and refreshing cleanser and toner to use. My only caveat would be that if you like your cleansers to be quite thick, then this might not be for you as it is on the slightly thin side.

The first thing I have been putting on my face after getting out the shower is the hydra beauty micro liquid essence by Chanel (150ml, £70). The fact that I included this product in the first grooming unbottled just goes to show its longevity. I think it is easy to be put off by the price point, but I have been able to use this for the best part of seven months now. I think it’s a great product for keeping skin hydrated throughout the winter, but as we head into warmer weather (i.e. 18 degrees in February) I do not think it is essential for me to use until winter comes back round again.

I think I have ran out of positive words to say about Molton Brown Russian Leather (50ml, £45). It is my most used fragrance and I feel it is one of those that I feel comfortable wearing. This bottle might be on its last legs but I already have another bottle ready to go. I think it’s the mix of the black tea from the top notes, the tobacco in the heart and then the leather and vetiver in the base that makes this tick for me.

And to end on, I always carry around some kind of lip moisturiser with me. I have been using the Le Labo lip balm (15ml, £10) and I reckon it is a great entry point into the brand if it is a place you have been wanting to try out, without the bigger price points of their fragrances. I’ll usually apply it before going to bed and then throughout the day as and when.

I hope this was helpful and I am already looking forward to trying out another set of products when these ones completely run out on me. If you have any specific questions about any of the questions featured, do drop me a message and I will do my best to help.jbicon

This post contains gifted products, however all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to post.


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