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Grooming unbottled

Grooming unbottled


It’s been four months since my last grooming unbottled, yet what I like about these posts is that I really get to use products over an extensive period of time. Here’s four products that I’ve emptied, along with a fragrance that I’ve become fond of.


Clarin’s Men

Baume super hydratant super moisture balm


Shave cream with eucalyptus

Acqua di Parma

Barbiere moisturising face cream

Le Labo Fragrances

Iris 39 (50ml)


Face wash with peppermint



Another four bottles emptied means another grooming unbottled post. I quite enjoy the whole process. Seeing if they work, how long they last and then having to think whether it would be worth restocking when doing this write up. A face wash, a shave cream, a couple of moisturisers to compare and then a fragrance from Le Labo. 

The first bottle that I managed to finish was the Harry’s shave cream (100ml, £7). I think it’s worth noting that the whole Harry’s range is so accessible in terms of price and skin type. When compared to its shaving gel, this one comes second best for me. I don’t feel the cream aids shaving that well for someone like me with short facial hair. The website says to leave the cream on for two minutes before shaving, but I think when a gel can be used pretty much straightaway, I’d opt for that over this every time. I will say though that I really liked the eucalyptus scent, but overall not something I would stock back up on.

Sticking to another Harry’s product I have finished is the face wash (150ml, £6). Again, super affordable. It contains a really fine peppermint scrub, but I feel it is too fine when washing in the sink. Using this twice a day, I found when used just over the sink it was difficult to wash away the scrub element from my face and eyes. But in the shower this wasn’t an issue as the power of the shower washes it away quickly. Volcanic rock is used for exfoliation over plastic beads which of course is much better for a) your face and b) the ocean. I would be happy in using it again, with the sink comment a minor thing.

A moisturiser I have just emptied is the Clarin’s Men’s super moisture balm (50ml, £30). This is one of eight similar moisturiser products in the range which I think is quite confusing in itself.

I know everyone has different skin, but I think this complicates the matter of which product to use without consultation… i.e. what’s the difference between their super moisture balm and super moisture gel? As for performance I do not feel it is a moisturiser that lasts the whole day, having to sometimes reapply in the afternoon. It’s size and pump deployment is useful, but at £30 I don’t think I would look to restock it. 

At the more expensive end, the Acqua di Parma moisturiser (50ml, £47) is part of their barbiere collection. It has a lovely scent which is quite citrusy and coupled with the packaging, gives you summer in a bottle. For dry skin I don’t think it does too much, but I feel with normal skin alongside a dedicated SPF it would do the job on your travels. Do I think it’s £17 better than Clarin’s? Probably not. But in terms of which one I enjoyed using the most, then I would choose this one. 

Last up I wanted to include a fragrance that I have been using a lot of recently. Though it’s not empty (phew), Iris 39 by Le Labo Fragrances (50ml, £127) has been my daily while travelling. You can’t go through Instagram without scrolling past a Le Labo product, but for good reason. There’s such a choice of fragrances from the brand, all completely different, but what drew me towards Iris 39 was the blend of iris, patchouli and musk. It’s one that usually raises questions which I feel is always a good sign. At 50ml size I wear it when I’m away and it lives inside my washbag. Fragrances are personal, even more so than skincare so although it gets a yes from me, go in-store and test your nose across the entire range.jbicon

This post contains gifted products, however all opinions are my own and I was under no obligation to post.


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