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Studio time

Studio time


This time last week I was in Manchester working with the talented Rosie Butcher. With the project out, I wanted to share some of the photos I liked that didn’t make the final cut.


JOSEPH Fashion [gifted]

White soft wool knit


Navy seersucker trousers

Common Projects [gifted]

Original achilles leather sneakers

Church’s [gifted]

Pembrey loafers



Sometimes shoots leave you with more photos than you actually need. A totally good position to be in and rather than be wasteful, I thought I’d share some of the b-roll. Nothing too over edited and polished and some of the moments in between. It was my first time shooting with Rosie and the first time shooting in a studio… both that I will absolutely be doing again! I enjoyed the simplicity to it all and the emphasis it puts on me to do more to make it interesting.

The shoot as you can see was for Burberry and you can see the final outcome here if you haven’t already. We came up with everything pretty quickly, sharing moodboards and inspiration images over a couple of days. We were both really happy with everything and the studio provided a blank canvas to execute everything. I think that’s what I like about the idea of studio shoots. You can pull things in the direction you want. You can keep things quite stripped back and raw, or you could go in on the retouching, harsher on the lighting and come away with something completely different, but both being created in the same space.

It has got me excited for everything Rosie and I might be able to do together in her studio. A quick note on the styling. Simple and unobtrusive was the aim and for most of the images I stayed in this rib knit from JOSEPH Fashion. As I knew everything would be quite led by structure and shape, I thought this jumper would help accentuate my movements. Then going back to my Jigsaw trousers that I have featured countless times on here, tied in the navy of the bottle with my outfit. On my feet were my now worn-in Church’s, along with a new pair of Common Projects that still have that like-new look and feel to them which I have no doubt will fade soon.

I wanted to make sure I shared just a few extra photos besides from the ones I already had shared on Instagram because I really liked what we came up with and also just how much goes into one post. It’s not just ten minutes and done. I think we were in the studio from 10.30am until just gone 3pm. Maybe it was a little longer than we were both expecting, but I loved being in a space that allowed us to create what we wanted to.jbicon

Photography by Rosie Butcher


Grooming unbottled

Grooming unbottled

GANT in Lisbon

GANT in Lisbon