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Let's say hello to Spring

Let's say hello to Spring


This town is something else. I urge everyone to google Poundbury and be in awe of how nice this town is.



Messer Fedora


Black denim jacket


Wild ones never die t-shirt

Clarks Shoes

Suede zip-up boots



Winter coat away and sunglasses on. I went on a drive out of Bournemouth with my friend Jack Fairey and into the fairly new town of Poundbury. Still in Dorset, it’s a forty-minute drive away from my seaside town and it’s such a cool little place and one I’m going to struggle to describe.

Owned by Prince Charles, the town is of French design and everything is so well thought-out down to the street sign detailing. A special mention to two places in Poundbury: homeware store Cherryade and Butercross Bakery. I think Cherryade is one of the nicest stores I’ve visited for a while and was worth the drive alone. And it’s pretty much what my style of late has been based on, simple and considered. I think near enough each item is something that I can imagine belonging in my future flat, house, castle…

With it being a nice day we just chilled and walked around, and of course drank coffee. Spring means we can start taking away some of the baggage from our outfits and introducing some lighter colours so ignore my attachment to black here. For me I’ll still be wearing a lot of black tones, but taking away an overcoat and replacing it for a light denim jacket is something I’ll be doing when the sun comes to say hello now it’s Spring time. Consider wearing pieces that can be taken away and do not leave your outfit looking incomplete. I'm hoping this nice weather is here to stay! As always, thanks for reading.

Photography by Jack Fairey

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