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My Stuff #1

My Stuff #1


I don't think titles don’t get much more creative than this. Joking aside, it does sum up exactly what I want to talk about.


I’ve wanted to share a few things with you that I’m using day-to-day. Whenever I feel I have a nice selection of things to share it’ll all be coming under the umbrella of ‘My Stuff’. So here it goes.

1. Kooples basic t-shirt

I’m going through a phase of now investing in staple pieces, choosing what will last me a few years rather than a couple months. Sitting in the basics section of my wardrobe, this Kooples top is a slim fitting long sleeve that I’ve been using as a base layer.

2. Mondaine watch

My watch taste is simple. With a nice face and the suede strap detailing, this Mondaine watch has something different about it. It’s one that I like to wear everyday and I’ll pair it with light denim for a really easy look.

3. Polaroid camera

One of my favourite birthday presents for my 21st was my Polaroid camera my friends got me. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on a disposable camera! I think I’ll be doing a separate post on this soon, but these cameras really make you choose the right moment to take a photograph to capture a moment.

4. Hungover cookbook

Now I’m not saying I use this all the time, or that I use this solely when I’m hungover, but there’s some really easy dishes that make student cooking pretty simple. Step aside beans on toast.

5. Kurt Geiger Chelsea Boots

Like my Kooples t-shirt, it’s the same reasoning for these Kurt Geiger Chelsea boots. I know these are going to last me a very long time and they look great. With a buckle detail, I wear these with skinny jeans on the daily.

6. Gruhme

I’m a like it or hate it kind of guy when it comes to fragrances. Get me talking about clothes or perhaps coffee and that’s a different story. Gruhme is a new fragrance I hadn’t heard before and I’m always willing to try things out. It’s a really nice and for use of a better word, a really good ‘spring’ scent. It also lasts for the whole day, bonus!

7. Filler Podcast

It isn’t something tangible but what I wanted to give a shout out to Filler podcast. I’ve done a post on these guys before, but the podcast is going from strength to strength. If you’re of similar age and want to hear some inspiration from creatives then give this a listen. Recently, I travelled to London to listen to their first Filler Live and it was inspiring to hear from these people first hand.

8. Lab Series

Yet to settle on what skincare products to use, the latest products I’m trying are from Lab Series. Using the scrub and face wash these seem to be working well at the minute. One thing I do know I like though, are scrubs that feel like they are doing something.

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