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Manchester hangs and freelance chat

Manchester hangs and freelance chat


A conversation with Mat about freelancing, our love for the North and where we want to be in the future.


Realm & Empire

Commando roll neck

Adidas Originals

Stan Smith off-white sole


Helvetica 40mm watch

Campbell Cole

A5 travel pouch



Somewhat a rarity, I managed to see the sun shining on Manchester and what a difference it makes! Travelling up north to meet up with Matthew Pike of Buckets & Spades for a long overdue catch-up. We discussed all things freelance and my travels in Hong Kong and Asia.

Yes, if you haven’t heard, I’ve turned freelance! The job that most wouldn’t dream of doing and others would love. I’m so excited to be working for myself as it’s always appealed to me. The idea of selecting my own projects and being flexible to travel suits me perfectly to the ground. Although it’s early days for my freelance ‘career’, I’m learning what can make it so difficult at times. From jobs falling through, to how easy it can be to press snooze on the 8am alarm. Motivation is key!

Since being back in England I’ve travelled down to London and up to Manchester to chat to friends about freelance life. I've been making these trips to gain little tips and advice on something Mat is well versed in. Managing to successfully make freelance work for him, who would be better to quiz.

We hit up Takk, a new coffee shop I was yet to visit (top marks for the flat white) to start our day in Manchester. Then we kind of took some snaps - as you can tell – around the city with some lovely Campbell Cole leather goods (c/o) and just mooched for the day. Sometimes it’s nice to walk around with no agenda and get your camera out when it feels good.

A few photos and shops later (Oi Polloi draws me in every time), we ended up in Rapha Cycling café for an excellent filter and a pie in Pieminster. You could argue we didn’t really do much on a rather sunny Thursday, but that’s what you need some days.

Menswear guide to Monmouth Street

Menswear guide to Monmouth Street

Streets of Hong Kong

Streets of Hong Kong