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Menswear guide to Monmouth Street

Menswear guide to Monmouth Street


After ten weeks away it’s great to be back in London. Going away for a summer and then coming back to it, I have a new wave of appreciation for this city.



I feel after a few years of visiting London, I now have a grasp of what the place is like. Overtime Shoreditch has turned into my go-to, walking around with confidence (kind of) and knowing where I’m going. But I don’t just want to know the ins and outs of East. London has plenty to offer and menswear on Monmouth Street in Seven Dials is one of them.

Seven Dials is a hub of shops that are just a short walk from Covent Garden.

If you’re like me and enjoy a shopping experience that involves independent retailers, interesting conversations and learning the ins and outs of a brand, then maybe Seven Dials is for you. With Nik Speller - one half of Buckets&Spades - we visited a few stores on Monmouth Street. Not forgetting a lunch pit stop at Cure+Cut for lunch and Timber Yard for coffee.


Kit & Ace, 15 Monmouth Street

Let’s start with Kit & Ace. Placing importance on technical clothing, they don't want you to worry about what you’re wearing. For example, Kit & Ace doesn’t crease! While in store I got to learn about how the brand continues to improve and uses the community to do it. Having customers feedback to the designers, they make changes to their pieces accordingly, which I think makes perfect sense. Inside you’ll find pieces for all lifestyles, whether that is trousers for the cyclist or shirts for the city man.


Natural Selection, 46 Monmouth Street

A few doors down there is ready to wear brand Natural Selection. The shop has recently been refurbished and the new A/W collection has just landed on the rails. Perfect time for a visit don’t you think? Manager Sam was on hand to talk me through the brand, explaining the materials, the cut and the practical uses of this seasons offering. While their statement coats have received press coverage on Highsnobiety, there are plenty of navy and grey basics to keep minimal styles occupied. Natural Selection also houses: No. 288 footwear, Dr Jackson’s skincare, Histoires de Parfums along with a few print reads, most notable being Cereal.


Le Labo, 48 Monmouth Street

And just next door you’ll find Le Labo. If it’s your first time going into Le Labo you’re in for a treat. As expected, the small shop on 48 Monmouth smells incredible from the minute you walk inside. With plenty of fragrances laid out you’re definitely going to find one to suit you, with Santal being my favourite. Slightly on the expensive side, it’s definitely a measured purchase.


Larsson & Jennings, 53 Monmouth Street

Last stop on Monmouth Street was a chance to look at some simple timepieces. Larsson & Jennings is a watch for the guy (and girl) who likes to keep things simple. I’ve grown accustom to a clean watch face with no bells or whistles. But just because they have a simple face, it doesn’t mean that the mechanics are likewise. And while you’re pondering your next watch, enjoy a coffee in-store and have a flick through their new ‘twenty-six’ magazine, named after the day they sold their first watch.


Check out the full list of shops over at Seven Dials here.

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