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My Stuff #2

My Stuff #2


'My Stuff' is the closest you will ever see me come to doing a haul.


And I'm back with another addition of my stuff. It’s the little things. Bringing in something new to your daily routine may give you that refresh you need. Whether it’s a new pair of shoes or some print material to glaze over, here’s some of my (new) stuff that I’ve been using over the weeks to keep me going.

1. Converse from House of Fraser*

I’ve found myself living in Converse recently. My 1970’s have been tallying up the miles of late so I’ve brought in some backup. The latest to my collection are the classic Coverse hi’s in black from House of Fraser. They are an easy choice when it comes to stepping out the house and make getting away from the laptop hassle free.

2. Say hello to Tyler Prior

A good friend of mine and a talented one at that. Getting into university a year early, you’ll find this guy posting cool photos around London while on that daily grind at Central Saint Martins, as well as spending most of his spare time (and money) in Goodhood. Thank you for the poster Tyler!

3. Timex watch

I’ve been giving the Mondaine watch a rest; so my customised Timex watch has been getting a lot of wear recently. As I’ve been wearing a lot of blues and navy of late, the strap is helping in this new colour venture.

4. P&Co cardholder

Is there such thing as a statement cardholder? If there is, P&Co ticks this box. This cardholder is great and although it’s still yet to get some real use, I can’t wait to see more patina action.

5. Monocle pouch

One of my most rewarding things to do of late is to declutter. My Monocle pouch keeps the necessities together (i.e. phone, pad, pen and charger) and everything else at home.

6. Umbrella Magazine

My endeavour to read more has forced me to invest in print... shame. I’m reading as much as I can to get new ideas and improve the words you see on the blog. One of my current reads is Umbrella Mag.

7. Merkai hand cream

Winter is coming. It’s getting colder and my hands are taking the brunt of it. This meraki hand cream was part of my gifted subscription box from Not Another Bill. But more on that next week…

Pick me ups throughout the year can keep you focused and on the right track. Are there any other small investments I should be making? Let me know and it'll probably end up in the next 'my stuff'. You can find my first 'my stuff' post here.

*House of Fraser kindly partnered with me in sharing with you these Converse. Thank you.

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