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Dear Jordan

Dear Jordan


I’m writing this in between the Christmas and New Year lull. Nobody seems to know what to do other than eat, drink and sleep. I found it fitting to have a couple loungewear hours with a tea nearby to reflect on what a great year it’s been.






Hamilton and Hare

Downtime pocket crew (c/o)

Hamilton and Hare

Ice twin seam jogger (c/o)


30-minute sand timer


Burbage print



Before writing what follows, I scrolled through my blog and Instagram feed to remind myself of everything I’ve done and achieved in 2017. It was good to go through everything just before another year begins and be able to sit back and say I’m proud of myself.

Since January it was always an aim to redesign the website. It might have taken a little longer than anticipated, but I got there! I’m really enjoying how posts look on here and although things may continue to change, I’m chuffed with the site. This year was my first full twelve months of blogging ‘full time’. I think that’s the biggest thing I can takeaway! Although only three years in, I’ve been able to get the blog to a stage where it can support me and allow me and my ambitions. It’s also been a year of living at home, but I’m hoping it won’t be too much longer before I have a small place of my own.

It’s been twelve months of steady ticks next to some brands I’ve had the pleasure of working with: MR PORTER, Paul Smith, River Island and Timex to name a few. You only have to go back to my first year of doing this to see how things have changed (please don’t go all the way to the first post). I’ve also been able to experience and shoot in new cities. Starting with Florence for Pitti Uomo in January, then trips to Belgium, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Scotland, and a lifelong goal of visiting New York in September, before finishing off in Paris. Show me the airmiles!

And while all of this has been happening, 2017 has somehow thrown up some unexpected ego boosts and industry recognition.

Top tens, a book inclusion, blog shortlists, public speaking and also being named in Vogue for, well, go see for yourself… All achievements to tell my future kids, girlfriend, family and dog when I’m older.

But the most rewarding thing of all is the friendships that would’ve never happened if it weren’t for my in-line of ‘being a blogger type’. I’ve continued what’s been a fruitful trio workwise with Mat and Nik (when he isn’t putting the Instagram world to rights), build new friendships with Oliver and Brittany and be fortunate enough to know the coolest and talented engaged couple in Joe and Liv. I’ve taken a trip to Brighton to see Aaron, Benji, Sean and Poppy, as well as continue to be inspired by messrs Mike and Chris (which if you’ve read this far down, you might be interested to know are part of the same agency I’m managed by. Wait, did I not say I have management? Something I’ve kept pretty close to my chest, but something I’m very excited by in 2018.)

I could continue to list all the amazing people I’ve spoken to over on Twitter and Instagram DMs, but honestly, there’s so many supportive and talented people out there that I have the pleasure of knowing, I’d have to dedicate a whole post to it, perhaps even two.

Then there is the important thanks to my talented photographers like Natalie, Michaela, Ollie and Mat (again) who I’ll forever be indebted to. 2017 has been hands down one of the best years in my short life. I hope you all have the most enjoyable New Year and thank you ever so much for being part of this.jbicon




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