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Ode to the tote

Ode to the tote


It's my most used style of bag. Yes there are days that require something a bit bigger on wheels, but the tote bag style is my unbeaten favourite.









Grey check overcoat (similar)

Acne Studios

Drawstring grey trousers (similar)


Tablesia M sterling scarf [gifted]


Kajsa tote bag in black [gifted]



My tote bag is mr.reliable and the one I take out with me as I leave the house. Yes I have other day bags, most being over the shoulder ones, but a tote bag feels the most apt for the days where there’s no need for heavy-duty items or four wheels. I’ve spoken about a couple bags I use in rotation (see here and here), but now it’s time for the tote bag to take up some words.

I think for girls out there, they are spoilt for bags. But guys, we’ve all had to sacrifice our style for function at times. For me, I’m thinking back to my bulky Umbro schoolbag and Nike drawstring days. I wasn’t the coolest kid on the playground, but hey, I had somewhere to put my water bottle on the outside of my bag.

Fast forward through school, I feel that tote bags carry an air of style with them. Perhaps my mum and her love for reusable tote bags on her Saturday morning shop has influenced me somewhat. For days that need very few essentials, the tote bag is called upon. I’m talking about the daily regulars: phone charger, a pen, change for the bus (I travel in style), a light magazine or newspaper, hat, headphones and then lastly, my camera. 

I always unpack my bag as soon as I get in, especially with tote bags, in fear of having to do that thing where you find yourself reaching into the depths of your tote to find your keys. There won’t be a 2017 receipt at the bottom of it that’s for sure as I like to keep things as organised as possible.

When things do start to get on the slightly heavier side, a tote bag that can be worn over the shoulder is a bonus. You’ll have seen me using my Weekday tote bag that has both shopper handles and longer straps for it to be carried over the shoulder. I’ve now run that one into the ground and now my tote bag v2 is from Sandqvist. The Kajsa is stepping up to the plate as an apt replacement. It has slightly more structure to it - both on the surface and internally – and a slot for my laptop is a nice touch.

The over the shoulder straps can also be removed as I have here meaning they don’t have to be tucked into the bag. It’s a natural progression in my tote bag ‘journey’ and something that’s quite rewarding. To try out one product, see what works and then find something that has the potential to be even better.jbicon

Photography by Joseph Galvin


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