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My Stuff #3

My Stuff #3


I always enjoy putting these together and with plenty of new things to share from Christmas and New Year, it was perfect timing. With January momentum fading, a small pick-me-up purchase isn't the worst idea. Whether it's a magazine, candle or something else, it's nice to buy yourself something in reward for working damn hard.


1. Lagom magazine

This is a magazine I picked up on a trip to Leeds at Village. The guys in store recommended it after I said I was looking for something that involved a mix of interesting interviews with creative’s, coffee and fashion. Normally if a magazine has say around four interesting pieces inside it, I’ll buy it. But Lagom is a page-turner from cover to end. I can’t recommend it enough.

2. Earl of East candle (Smoke & Musk)

A present from my sister at Christmas, this candle has been put to good use! I lean towards more musky candles and this Earl of East candle is a treat when I’m burning it. Even when I’m not, I’ll unscrew the lid and have a quick inhale when it’s on the desk - that's not weird, is it?

3. NAB notebook

Not-Another-Bill sell the most brilliant subscription gifts and this little embossed notebook is one of them. It’s pocket-sized so it’s perfect for when I want to go old school with my to-do lists and write something down quickly.

4. Brixton flat cap

For those that follow me on social and have read previous fashion blog posts, you’ll know I’m a big hat fan. I’ve picked up a couple new ones from Brixton and this flat-cap style is definitely something new for me. I’ve had a couple digs from family members, but I think it’s such a cool hat to try out.

5. HAY pencil tray

A trip to Copenhagen isn’t done properly without a couple purchases. I bought this pencil tray from HAY House (it’s called a UU) and it sits proudly on my desk without fail.

6. Common Projects Achilles Low

These trainers weren’t necessarily something I was actively looking to buy, but when END. had a 25% sale on almost everything, these trainers went straight into my basket. I’m praying I keep these clean.

7. Cactus (and plants in general)

Often left with plant envy from Instagrammer’s Haarkon, I have an urge to turn one corner of my room into a plant haven. My cacti collection is up to five, with this one being my most recent. I’m eyeing up a swiss cheese plant, but I can’t seem to find one locally.jbicon


The flexibility of freelance

The flexibility of freelance

Shades of grey

Shades of grey